Episode 20: Previewing The 89th Academy Awards


Shawn Hardie and actress Brianna Seagraves break down this year’s Oscar nominations and predict the winners for Best Supporting Actress (2:20 mark), Best Supporting Actor (7:00), Best Actor (12:00), Best Actress (19:00) and Best Picture (26:15). They also discuss if this year will be a market correction for last year’s #OscarsSoWhite phenomenon.

Five Questions | S1 E19: The Knicks Stink, Part 2

In Part 2 of discussing the dumpster fire at Madison Square Garden, the panel discusses if the Knicks should try to make the playoffs or if they should tank to get into the lottery, the issues of trying to rebuild in New York and getting future free agents to consider the Knicks. Guests: Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Jeff J., Bruce Elliott and Suns fans/Knicks detractor Knubbs.

Five Questions | S1 E18: The Knicks Stink, Part 1

Shawn Hardie and a host of Knicks fans (and a detractor) discuss the state of the New York Knicks, including how the hell did they end up where they are, Phil Jackson’s tenure as GM (11:50 mark)  and how much blame does Carmelo Anthony deserve (29:45 mark). Guests: Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Jeff J., Bruce Elliott and Suns fans/Knicks detractor Knubbs.

Five Questions | S1 E17: Peace Up, A-Town DOWN (or, Reviewing Super Bowl LI)

Falcons fans Carson Gardner and D-Palm return to the show, along with Patriots fan Candice Clawson to talk with Shawn Hardie about Super Bowl LI. After the Falcons fans share their thoughts about the game as they saw it (4:50 mark), they all discuss if the game was a comeback or a collapse (19:24), why no Falcons lead is ever safe in any game (26:45) , if this the end of Rob Gronkowski as a Patriot (35:35) and each team’s chances to play in Super Bowl LII (50:00).

Five Questions | S1 E16: Previewing Super Bowl LI

Shawn Hardie is joined by Falcons fans Carson Gardner and D-Palm and Patriots fans Candice Clawson and Rahel Ayalew to preview Super Bowl LI. After stating why their side will win (3:10 mark), they discuss where a Falcons win would rank in the history of Atlanta (14:00), the possible levels of pettiness Kraft, Brady and Belichick could exhibit if Roger Goodell has to hand them the trophy (19:55), how much blame Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan gets if they lose because he was for interviewing for the 49ers job (22:50), if the Patriots “association” with the 45th President will create a curse (29:30) and Eli Manning giving Matty Ice tips on how to beat the Pats (42:25). Finally, D-Palm explains why he’s done with the Braves for moving to Cobb County (44:05) before everyone gives a score prediction (48:25).

Five Questions | S1 E15: Talking Sports with Bleacher Report’s Christina Tapper

Shawn Hardie talks to Bleacher Report deputy editor Christina Tapper about how she became interested in sports journalism as a kid (4:40 mark), covering sports at Rutgers (10:40) & getting her foot in the door at Sports Illustrated for Kids (20:50). They also discuss the difference in coverage between women’s and men’s sports, particularly why women’s basketball isn’t received the same as men’s basketball (29:10), while women’s tennis is as much of a draw as men’s tennis (41:20).

Five Questions | S1 E14: The Legacy of Barack Obama

On the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump, we reflect on the presidency of Barack Obama, discussing what about him will stand out, if he’s gotten a pass that many others wouldn’t have gotten (12:15 mark), the legacy of the Affordable Care Act  (16:00, if the community failed Obama (29:30) and if America is in a better place now than it was eight years ago (40:45). Guests: Actress Brianna Seagraves (Orange Is The New Black, The Brie Show), actor/activist J. Mikey (Blue Bloods, Orange Is The New Black), attorney/politician Landon Dais.

Five Questions | S1 E13: Hater’s Call (Cowboys Edition): The Leaven of Self-Examination, Part 1

 Shawn Hardie and Giants fan Ali Campbell bring on Cowboys fans Cousin D and Aaron Ampaw to discuss if and why Cowboys fans are obnoxious, who to blame for the Cowboys’ playoff loss to the Packers, would they have won if Tony Romo had played and if spiking the ball late in the fourth quarter left too much time for Aaron Rodgers to win the game.

Five Questions | S1 E12: I’m On A Boat… A Giant Boat

Five Questions regular Ali Campbell volunteered himself for a Hater’s Call after the Giants fell to the Packers in the NFC Wild Card playoffs. After Ali’s rant, Packers fan Alvin Grimes joined to discuss the game and his team’s chances against the Cowboys in the Divisional Round.

YOUR 2016 NFL Playoff Predictions

We asked & you answered! Here are the results of our 2016 NFL Playoffs poll, as comprised by fans of the following teams: 49ers, Cowboys, Giants, Jets, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Ravens (*winks*) and… Miami Hurricanes. :-/


Who will win NFC Wild Card Game 1?
No. 3 Seahawks – 80%
No. 6 Lions – 20%

Who will win NFC Wild Card Game 2?
No. 4 Packers – 55%
No. 5  Giants – 45%

Who will win AFC Wild Card Game 1?
No. 3 Steelers – 90%
No. 6 Dolphins – 10%

Who will win AFC Wild Card Game 2?
No. 4 Texans – 60%
No. 5  Raiders – 40%

Note: The NFL reseeds after the Wild Card Round, leaving multiple possibilities for the Divisional Round matchups.


Who will win NFC Divisional Game 1?
No. 1 Cowboys – 45%
No. 4 Packers – 30%
No. 5 Giants – 20%
No. 6 Lions – 5%

Who will win NFC Divisional Game 2?
No. 2 Falcons – 65%
No. 3 Seahawks – 30%
No. 4 Packers – 0%
No. 5 Giants – 5%

Who will win AFC Divisional Game 1?
No. 1 Patriots – 95%
No. 4 Texans – 0%
No. 5 Raiders – 5%
No. 6 Dolphins – 0 %

Who will win AFC Divisional Game 2?
No. 2 Chiefs – 55%
No. 3 Steelers – 40%
No. 4 Texans – 5%
No. 5 Raiders – 0%


Who will win the NFC Championship?
No. 1 Cowboys – 10%
No. 2 Falcons – 50%
No. 3 Seahawks – 20%
No. 4 Packers – 5%
No. 5 Giants – 15%
No. 6 Lions – 0%

Who will win the AFC Championship?
No. 1 Patriots – 60%
No. 2 Chiefs – 20%
No.3 Steelers – 15%
No. 4 Texans – 0%
No. 5 Raiders – 5%
No. 6 Dolphins – 0 %


Who will win Super Bowl LI?
Patriots – 30%
Falcons – 20%
Chiefs – 10%
Cowboys – 10%
Seahawks – 10%
Raiders – 5%
Steelers – 5%
Giants – 5%
Packers – 5%