Fresh Cut Radio Show: 2017 Week 20 from @CarverTheGreat

This week’s set from DJ Carver The Great features new music from DJ Khaled, 6Lack, Kanye West, and of course… Future.

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6Lack – Ex Callin
Kanye West – Glow
Future – Zoom
Drake – Energy
Future – Used To This
Kranium – Nobody Has To Know
DJ Khaled – I’m The One
Kanye West – All Falls Down

Five Questions Episode 28: Live at the NBA Draft Lottery

Shawn Hardie (Knicks fan) was joined by Cousin D (Lakers), Alvin Grimes (Sixers), J. Mikey (Nets) and Knubbs (Suns) to watch and discuss the NBA Draft Lottery live on YouTube Tuesday night. One of us was not amused afterward.

Five Questions Episode 27: Bleacher Report’s Jermaine Spradley on the Knicks, LaVar Ball, Canelo/GGG and the sports media landscape

Shawn Hardie is joined by Jermaine Spradley to discuss how he went from handling credit default swaps at Citigroup to becoming executive editor at Bleacher Report, what would happen if the Knicks ever won the NBA title (12:45 mark), his thoughts on LaVar Ball (27:20), the layoffs at ESPN and how they reflect the changing sports media landscape (31:50) and Floyd Mayweather’s influence on the upcoming Canelo/GGG fight (39:30).

(Note: Due to technical difficulties, we had to change recording apparatus which caused a change in recording quality, and we apologize.)

Five Questions Episode 26: Talking $#!% with Brianna Seagraves

Shawn Hardie is joined by actress/writer Brianna Seagraves to Joe Mixon getting drafted by the Bengals and domestic violence in the NFL, the Shea Moisture screw-up (16:30 mark), why #LoveWins doesn’t apply to Jesse Williams & Minka Kelly (30:25) and what the hell is going on at Fox News (40:30)

Five Questions Episode 25: 100 Days of Donald Trump

Shawn Hardie is joined by Nonstop Culture’s Jeff J., actor/activist J. Mikey and local attorney and politician Landon Dais to discuss Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, including…

  1. If his presidency is or isn’t what they expected at this point
  2. What would Trump take a do-over on
  3. If Sean Spicer is just bad at his job or if he’s set up to fail
  4. If this is the beginning of the end of the GOP as we know it
  5. If Trump lasts four years (whether by choice or by force)

Five Questions Episode 24: Who Is The NBA MVP?


A roundtable discussion on who is the 2017 NBA MVP, discussing…

1. Why Russell Westbrook is the MVP (3:15 mark)
2. Why James Harden is the MVP (11:00)
3. Why a case can be made for Kawhi Leonard as MVP (20:10)
4. Why no case can be made for Kawhi Leonard as MVP (24:30)
Interlude: Podcast gets hijacked by Kobe talk (39:00)
5. How replaceable are Russ, Harden and Kawhi? (46:00)
6. Who gets picked in a pickup game of Houston and OKC players where Russ & Harden are captains? (1:04:00)
7. Which East playoff team(s) could OKC beat in a seven-game series? (1:10:55)

Crew: Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, Ali, Shakir Taylor, Marcus Ford

Five Questions Episode 23: KAT vs. KP, Carmelo and the MVP Race

Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, Ali McFly and Tim Puko gathered at Cousin Zane’s house to watch the NCAA Tournament… and a NBA conversation broke out. The boys discussed the future of the Lakers, Karl-Anthony Towns vs. Kristaps Porzingis (9:00 mark), would any team be better with Carmelo Anthony and Melo vs. Danilo Galinari (13:15), the Russell Westbrook phenomenon (29:00) and comparing the supporting casts of the 2017 Thunder and the 2010 Cavaliers (36:05). Shawn also pays tribute to Chuck Berry in the intro.

Five Questions Episode 22: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NCAA Tournament Preview

After a quick conversation with New York journalist and Northwestern alum Tim Puko about his school’s first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance, Shawn Hardie (Syracuse), Option A or B host Chris Canada (Florida State) and Dr. Mike Williams (Villanova) preview the NCAA tournament. After the predictions, they discuss the case for and against Syracuse’s omission from the field of 68 (1:04:40 mark).

First Round: 12:10 mark
Second Round: 25:45 mark
Sweet Sixteen: 38:20 mark
Elite Eight: 47:00 mark
Final Four: 54:00 mark

Five Questions Episode 21: Biggie Day, 20 Years Later

Shawn Hardie flies solo to discuss the twentieth anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G, including his memory of March 9, 1997. Shawn then discussed the epic Champions League match between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (14:10) mark (and its similarities with Super Bowl LI), the return of the seveneighteen NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge (21:05) and the start of NFL free agency (23:15)

Five Questions Episode 20: Previewing The 89th Academy Awards


Shawn Hardie and actress Brianna Seagraves break down this year’s Oscar nominations and predict the winners for Best Supporting Actress (2:20 mark), Best Supporting Actor (7:00), Best Actor (12:00), Best Actress (19:00) and Best Picture (26:15). They also discuss if this year will be a market correction for last year’s #OscarsSoWhite phenomenon.