Five Questions | S1 E09: The Hater’s Call Roundtable (NFL Edition)


We organized the largest Hater’s Call of all time to discuss aftermath of three Week 14 games in the NFL. We discuss if Cowboys Nation is panicking after an 11-2 start (7:00 mark), if this season is starting to feel like 2007 for the Giants (21:30), if the Patriots can really win the Super Bowl (25:50), if the Ravens need to run the table to make the playoffs (29:40), if the Jets should fire head coach Todd Bowles and/or GM Mike Maccagnan (33:00) and if the 49ers have any regrets picking Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith (46:30). Guests: Claudio de la Rosa and George Brobbey (Giants), Cousin D (Cowboys),  Dr. Mike Williams (Patriots), South N The City partner Landon Dais (Jets) and’s Dr. J. (49ers). 

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