Five Questions Episode 36: 2017/18 Premier League Preview

We are back from our summer vacation with the DEFINITIVE 2017/18 Premier League preview. We discuss who will get relegated (5:00 mark), which bottom 10 team will finish in the top 10 (20:55), which top 10 team will finish in the bottom 10 (25:00), who will finish in the Top 4 and win the league (37:55), which EPL team will progress the farthest in the Champions League (1:12:20), who will win Player of the Year (1:32:38) and discussing the latest in European football (1:40:00). Squad: Raul "Dutch" Wikkeling and Kerwin Bailey (Arsenal), George Brobbey and DJ Carver The Great (Manchester United), Shawn Hardie and Elvis Maduro (Tottenham Hotspur) and Wes Upham (Southampton).