Five Questions Episode 41: Discussing Season Two of Insecure

This week’s podcast isn’t about discussing NFL Week 1, but discussing season two of Insecure, the hit HBO series. The panel discusses their thoughts on the season finale (5:50 mark), why is #TeamLawrence so damn polarizing (19:06), possible storylines for next season (42:48), what is the purpose of Due North (55:00) and Issa’s response to Daniel’s “climax” (59:45). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Ali CampbellDear White People story editor Chuck Hayward, author and writer Jozen Cummings, the homie LaWanna and Shayla Byrd.

Five Questions Episode 35: Dear White People’s Chuck Hayward

Shawn Hardie chats with Chuck Hayward, story editor for the hit Netflix series Dear White People. They discuss how he got involved with the show and when he realized it would be a hit, what the show accomplished that the movie didn’t (8:50 mark) , how white people feel about the show (14:00), how much of his own experience appeared in the show, his upcoming project Step Sisters (25:40) and life and the progression of his career in Hollywood (29:25).

Five Questions Episode 33: Power Season 4 Preview

Shawn Hardie, Midtown Mo, Cousin D and George Brobbey discuss the upcoming season of Power, including what to expect in Season 4 and the inconsistencies of the prior three seasons (2:30 mark), how Power is the hood version of Homeland (28:30), the fate of Tommy (37:00), bold predictions for Season 4 (42:30) and why Tasha is the show’s MVP (57:30).

Five Questions Episode 26: Talking $#!% with Brianna Seagraves

Shawn Hardie is joined by actress/writer Brianna Seagraves to Joe Mixon getting drafted by the Bengals and domestic violence in the NFL, the Shea Moisture screw-up (16:30 mark), why #LoveWins doesn’t apply to Jesse Williams & Minka Kelly (30:25) and what the hell is going on at Fox News (40:30)

This Is It | S7 E38: Discussing The Night Of


Shawn Hardie, Midtown Mo, Cousin D and Ali recap the HBO series The Night Of. They discuss the trial of Nasir Khan, who was the show’s MVP and how it ranks among TV shows this year (& among HBO shows all time). Note: This podcast contains spoilers!

This Is It | S7 E34: Discussing Orange Is The New Black with @BriePYT

William H. Strafe turned the show over to J. Marie and Orange Is The New Black actress Brianna Seagraves to discuss the Netflix hit show. They discuss Chapman’s role (2:13 mark), who steals the show (11;55), how it engages in social commentary (20:18), why OITNB is so popular (27:48), the biggest surprise of Season 4 (31:43) & the show’s future (41:03).

This Is It | S7 E32: Go South For The Winter (A Game of Thrones Recap)


William H. Strafe and his wife J. Marie discuss the Game of Thrones’ season finale and what to expect in the final two seasons from Brandon “Bran” Stark (3:50 mark), Petyr Baelish (8:20), Sansa Stark (11:45), Jaime and Cersei Lannister (15:10), Arya Stark (19:30), Samwell (24:35) and Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (28:03). They also discuss which episode was better… the Battle of the Bastards or The Winds of Winter (34:45)?

This Is It: The DEFINITIVE House of Cards Season 3 Review


William H. Strafe and fellow Harlemite Ayana Rhoden discuss Season 3 of House of Cards, including likes and dislikes, where it ranks among all three seasons and how much the show actually resembles Scandal.

This Is It | 9.19.13: A Breaking Bad Discussion

William H. Strafe & Streetz break down Episode 14 of Breaking Bad and what they think will happen in the final two episodes. Why does Walt go back to his house? What will happen to Skylar and the kids? Will Walt live or die?


(To download, click the arrow on the far right of the player.)


This Is It | 5.17.13: W…T…F…


After last night’s interesting season finale, @jaymarie3 and I started discussing where Scandal came from this season and where it’s going next year. About 10 minutes in, I decided recording this would be a great idea. Click below for 15 minutes of Scandal talk.

Click here to listen to the show (or right click and hit “Save As” to download).