Five Questions Episode 45: The DEFINITIVE 2017-18 NBA Preview

2017-18 NBA Preview In our 2017-18 NBA preview, we discuss who will be the worst team in the league (3:40 mark), which Western Conference bubble team will miss the playoffs (10:00), the team most likely to go over or under its projected win total (16:00), what to expect from the Oklahoma City Thunder (24:30) and the 16 playoff teams (30:15) before wrapping up with an NBA guessing game called, “Who He Play For?” (40:00) Crew: Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, J. Mikey and Emman Ebosie.

Five Questions Episode 44: Talking Ravens-Steelers with Joseph “Steeler Joe” Landon

seveneighteen’s Shawn Hardie brings on his “adversary,” Joseph “Steeler Joe” Landon to discuss the best rivalry in football, Ravens-Steelers. (Don’t @ us). They discuss how Shawn the native New Yorker ended up a Ravens fan and when the rivalry began, how Ray Lewis should be viewed after his recent antics (9:00 mark), the Ravens-Steelers game that bothered each of them the most (17:30), if the Ravens should seriously consider blowing it up (25:05) and the past, present and future of the Colin Kaepernick saga and Shawn’s piece on boycotting the NFL (28:15 mark).

Five Questions Episode 43: The Curious Case of Colin Kaepernick

Colin-Kaepernick-Donald-Trump Shawn Hardie and Wes Upham discuss the NFL’s reaction to President Trump’s comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and #takeaknee (23:00 mark). They also discuss why NFL owners chose to “unite” with the players (30:30) and Shawn explains why he still watches the NFL and why boycotting specific teams makes more sense than the entire league (35:20). Beforehand, they brought back the Hater’s Call for Shawn after his Ravens got destroyed by Jacksonville (3:45) and briefly discussed the Carmelo Anthony trade (17:00).

Five Questions Episode 42: Carmelo Anthony Trade Rapid Reaction

Shawn Hardie rounded up fellow Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Emman Ebosie, Bruce Elliott and Nonstop Culture’sJeff J. to break down the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They discuss their thoughts on the actual trade, the future of the New York Knicks, where OKC will finish in the Western Conference next season and Carmelo’s legacy as a Knick.

Five Questions Episode 41: Discussing Season Two of Insecure

This week’s podcast isn’t about discussing NFL Week 1, but discussing season two of Insecure, the hit HBO series. The panel discusses their thoughts on the season finale (5:50 mark), why is #TeamLawrence so damn polarizing (19:06), possible storylines for next season (42:48), what is the purpose of Due North (55:00) and Issa’s response to Daniel’s “climax” (59:45). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Ali CampbellDear White People story editor Chuck Hayward, author and writer Jozen Cummings, the homie LaWanna and Shayla Byrd.

Five Questions Episode 40: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL Preview

seveneighteen‘s Shawn Hardie (Ravens fan) is joined by Cousin D (Cowboys), Midtown Mo & Option A or B host Chris Canada (Seahawks) and community advocate Landon Dais (Jets) for the DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL preview. They discuss who will be the worst team in the NFL, which team with a losing record in 2016 can make the playoffs in 2017 (7:45 mark), which playoff team in 2016 can have a losing record in 2017 (17:10), who makes the playoffs (27:10) and who wins the conference title games and Super Bowl LII (42:20). They also discuss which current NFL coach (besides Bill Belichick) could replace their head coach (52:10)  and discuss some interesting player gambling props (1:01:45).

Five Questions Episode 39: #ArsenaLOL (and Happy Transfer Deadline Day!)

Arsenal fans Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Ron Treasure and Kerwin Bailey spend Transfer Deadline Day commiserating over the sorry state of their football club. They discuss losing 4-0 to Liverpool, letting the deadline pass while not signing anyone and how much trouble the club is in. Five Questions host Shawn Hardie  (Spurs) and friends of the show George Brobbey (Man United) and Dr. Mike Williams (Man City) also took part, reveling in the shame and pity of the Gooners.

Five Questions Episode 38: 2017 College Football Preview

In our 2017 college football preview show, Shawn Hardie is joined by longtime University of Miami Hurricanes fans Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson and Ron Treasure and our resident college football expert Ali Campbell. They rank the Power 5 conferences (hint: The SEC isn’t number one!), which teams have no business being ranked where they are in the preseason AP Top 25 (12:40 mark), which teams outside the preseason AP Top 25 could realisitically play in a New Year’s Six bowl game (22:50), which teams will make the College Football Playoff and who will win the national title (38:00). They conclude with their annual discussion regarding Miami football and if this is the year the Hurricanes finally return to glory and become annual contenders (48:00).

Five Questions Episode 37: Discussing Mayweather-McGregor

After a quick discussion with new seveneighteen staff member Wes Upham about the Kyrie Irving trade, Shawn Hardie gathered some hardcore boxing fans and MMA enthusiasts to argue chat about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight on Saturday night. They discuss who wins the fight and in how many rounds (8:20 mark), what percent chance does McGregor have to win the fight (21:30), which sport between boxing or MMA will benefit the most from the fight (29:40), will boxers vs. mixed martial artists be the future of big time boxing matches (35:45) and if this will be the last great boxing superfight (and if this will be Floyd’s last fight) (39:50).  Crew: Shawn Hardie, Mark Hamblin (boxing fan), Roger Anderson (boxing fan), Midtown Mo (MMA fan) and Jayson Phillips (MMA & boxing fan/boxer & MMA fighter).

Our 2017/18 Premier League Predictions (Sure To Go Wrong)

As predicted on the 2017/18 Premier League Preview podcast, here are our predictions for the 2017/18 Premier League season:

DJ Carver The Great Dutch
Twitter Handle @carverthegreat @DutchieFlair
Favorite Team Manchester United Arsenal
Relegated Burnley Huddersfield
Relegated Huddersfield Burnley
Relegated Brighton Brighton
From Bottom 10 to Top 10? Crystal Palace Leicester
From Top 10 to Bottom 10? Southampton West Brom
PL Champion Manchester United Manchester City
Top 4 Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur
Top 4 Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Top 4 Chelsea Chelsea
Farthest in Champions League? Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur
PL Player of the Year Paul Pogba Kyle Walker
Elvis George
Twitter Handle @okieant @BlackBruceWayne
Favorite Team Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Relegated Brighton Huddersfield
Relegated Burnley Burnley
Relegated Swansea West Brom
From Bottom 10 to Top 10? Leicester Leicester
From Top 10 to Bottom 10? Everton Southampton
PL Champion Chelsea Manchester City
Top 4 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur
Top 4 Manchester City Manchester United
Top 4 Manchester United Chelsea
Farthest in Champions League? Manchester City Manchester City
PL Player of the Year Kevin de Bruyne Phillipe Coutinho
Kerwin Shawn
Twitter Handle @seveneighteen_ @shawnwithaW_
Favorite Team Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
Relegated Everton Brighton
Relegated Newcastle Burnley
Relegated West Ham Crystal Palace
From Bottom 10 to Top 10? Swansea Leicester
From Top 10 to Bottom 10? Everton Bournemouth
PL Champion Arsenal Manchester City
Top 4 Manchester City Liverpool
Top 4 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur
Top 4 Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Farthest in Champions League? Manchester United Liverpool
PL Player of the Year Paul Pogba Dele Alli
Twitter Handle @wesupham
Favorite Team Southampton
Relegated Huddersfield
Relegated Brighton
Relegated Watford
From Bottom 10 to Top 10? West Ham
From Top 10 to Bottom 10? Bournemouth
PL Champion Manchester City
Top 4 Manchester United
Top 4 Tottenham
Top 4 Chelsea
Farthest in Champions League? Manchester United
PL Player of the Year Sadio Mane