Five Questions Episode 45: The DEFINITIVE 2017-18 NBA Preview

2017-18 NBA Preview In our 2017-18 NBA preview, we discuss who will be the worst team in the league (3:40 mark), which Western Conference bubble team will miss the playoffs (10:00), the team most likely to go over or under its projected win total (16:00), what to expect from the Oklahoma City Thunder (24:30) and the 16 playoff teams (30:15) before wrapping up with an NBA guessing game called, “Who He Play For?” (40:00) Crew: Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, J. Mikey and Emman Ebosie.

Jay Glazer Says Colin Kaepernick Will Play In The NFL In 2017

Fox Sports’ NFL Insider Jay Glazer tells TMZ Sports he is certain says Colin Kaepernick will play in the NFL in 2017.

Glazer told TMZ Sports signing Kaep comes down to a simple formula — “skill versus circus” — and that right now, the QB’s abilities outweigh the media attention he’d get for his kneeling protests.

“Because of his level of play, yeah — somebody’s gonna have to (sign him).”
But Glazer says Colin can’t just sit around … and urges the QB to help his own cause.

“You gotta go above and beyond so you can get signed.”

“If you ever want to talk about politics? Fine. … But if he wants to be a football player, TALK FOOTBALL.”

Nick Young & JaVale McGee Read The “Reggie” Scene From “Bad Boys II”

These guys make an already funny AF scene even funnier. In this installment of ‘Table Reads,’ the Golden State Warriors’ JaVale McGee and Nick Young have chosen to read the iconic “Reggie” scene from ‘Bad Boys II. (H/T to The Ringer.)

Five Questions Episode 44: Talking Ravens-Steelers with Joseph “Steeler Joe” Landon

seveneighteen’s Shawn Hardie brings on his “adversary,” Joseph “Steeler Joe” Landon to discuss the best rivalry in football, Ravens-Steelers. (Don’t @ us). They discuss how Shawn the native New Yorker ended up a Ravens fan and when the rivalry began, how Ray Lewis should be viewed after his recent antics (9:00 mark), the Ravens-Steelers game that bothered each of them the most (17:30), if the Ravens should seriously consider blowing it up (25:05) and the past, present and future of the Colin Kaepernick saga and Shawn’s piece on boycotting the NFL (28:15 mark).

Five Questions Episode 43: The Curious Case of Colin Kaepernick

Colin-Kaepernick-Donald-Trump Shawn Hardie and Wes Upham discuss the NFL’s reaction to President Trump’s comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and #takeaknee (23:00 mark). They also discuss why NFL owners chose to “unite” with the players (30:30) and Shawn explains why he still watches the NFL and why boycotting specific teams makes more sense than the entire league (35:20). Beforehand, they brought back the Hater’s Call for Shawn after his Ravens got destroyed by Jacksonville (3:45) and briefly discussed the Carmelo Anthony trade (17:00).

Five Questions Episode 42: Carmelo Anthony Trade Rapid Reaction

Shawn Hardie rounded up fellow Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Emman Ebosie, Bruce Elliott and Nonstop Culture’sJeff J. to break down the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They discuss their thoughts on the actual trade, the future of the New York Knicks, where OKC will finish in the Western Conference next season and Carmelo’s legacy as a Knick.

seveneighteen’s 2017 NFL Predictions

2017 NFL Predictions

Will the Packers and the Patriots meet in Super Bowl LII?

As discussed on the DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL Season Preview podcast earlier this week, here are our 2017 NFL predictions from our panel of NFL experts:

Find our predictions for the 2017 NFL season below. We “guarantee” a 57% success rate but are not responsible for any losses you may incur, especially if it involves a bookie named Sal from Bay Ridge. Please gamble responsibly… and legally.

Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

Shawn: Jets
Ali: Browns
Chris: 49ers
Cousin D: Jets
Landon: Rams
Mo: Browns

Which team with a losing record in 2016 can make the playoffs in 2017?

Shawn: Chargers
Ali: Cardinals
Chris: Panthers
Cousin D: Eagles
Landon: Cardinals
Mo: Cardinals

Which playoff team in 2016 can have a losing record in 2017?

Shawn: Cowboys
Ali: Lions
Chris: Dolphins
Cousin D: Dolphins
Landon: Falcons
Mo: Falcons

Who makes the 2017 NFL playoffs?

AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Raiders; Chargers, Chiefs
NFC: Giants, Packers, Seahawks, Falcons; Buccaneers, Lions

AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Raiders, Titans; Texans, Chiefs
NFC: Cardinals, Packers, Falcons, Giants; Cowboys, Seahawks

AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs; Ravens, Raiders
NFC: Seahawks, Giants, Packers, Bucs; Cowboys, Falcons

Cousin D
AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs; Raiders, Chargers
NFC: Packers, Falcons, Seahawks, Eagles; Cardinals, Cowboys

AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Raiders; Bengals, Texans
NFC: Cowboys, Packers, Bucs, Cardinals; Saints, Giants

AFC: Patriots, Raiders, Titans, Steelers; Chiefs, Texans
NFC: Seahawks, Packers, Bucs, Giants; Cardinals, Cowboys

Predict the CONFERENCE WINNERS & and the winner OF Super Bowl lii

Landon: Patriots over Raiders; Cowboys over Packers; Patriots over Cowboys
Dorian: Patriots over Steelers; Packers over Falcons; Packers over Patriots
Chris: Patriots over Ravens; Seahawks over Packers; Seahawks over Patriots
Morris: Patriots over Raiders; Seahawks over Bucs; Seahawks over Patriots
Shawn: Patriots over Steelers; Packers over Giants; Packers over Patriots

If you could replace your head coach with any current NFL coach (besides Bill Belichick), who would it be?

Shawn: Mike Tomlin
Ali: Mike Zimmer

Chris: John Harbaugh
Dorian: Andy Reid
Landon: Adam Gase
Morris: John Harbaugh

Five Questions Episode 40: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL Preview

seveneighteen‘s Shawn Hardie (Ravens fan) is joined by Cousin D (Cowboys), Midtown Mo & Option A or B host Chris Canada (Seahawks) and community advocate Landon Dais (Jets) for the DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL preview. They discuss who will be the worst team in the NFL, which team with a losing record in 2016 can make the playoffs in 2017 (7:45 mark), which playoff team in 2016 can have a losing record in 2017 (17:10), who makes the playoffs (27:10) and who wins the conference title games and Super Bowl LII (42:20). They also discuss which current NFL coach (besides Bill Belichick) could replace their head coach (52:10)  and discuss some interesting player gambling props (1:01:45).

seveneighteen’s 2017 College Football Predictions

As discussed on the 2017 College Football Preview podcast, here are the 2017 college football predictions made by our panel of “experts.” (They’ve been watching college football since before most of you were born, so they’re experts to us.) Take these to the bank!

Rank the Power Five Conferences from best to worst

Ali Campbell:  Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big XII
Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling: ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, Big XII
Roger Anderson: Pac-12, ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, SEC
Ron Treasure: ACC, Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten, Big XII


Which school is ranked too high in the preseason AP Top 25?

Ali: Georgia
Dutch: Texas
Roger: Florida
Ron: Texas


Which currently unranked school can play in a New Year’s Six bowl?

Ali: TCU
Dutch: TCU
Roger: Boise State
Ron: Boise State


Predict the College Football Playoff teams and the national champion

Ali: Alabama beats Michigan, Ohio State beats USC, Ohio State wins
Dutch: USC over Florida State, Ohio State over Alabama, USC wins
Roger: Alabama over Okla St., Ohio St. over Washington, Ohio St. wins
Ron: Alabama over Oklahoma, Washington over Ohio St., Washington wins


What are your predictions?

Five Questions Episode 39: #ArsenaLOL (and Happy Transfer Deadline Day!)

Arsenal fans Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Ron Treasure and Kerwin Bailey spend Transfer Deadline Day commiserating over the sorry state of their football club. They discuss losing 4-0 to Liverpool, letting the deadline pass while not signing anyone and how much trouble the club is in. Five Questions host Shawn Hardie  (Spurs) and friends of the show George Brobbey (Man United) and Dr. Mike Williams (Man City) also took part, reveling in the shame and pity of the Gooners.