Five Questions Episode 37: Discussing Mayweather-McGregor

After a quick discussion with new seveneighteen staff member Wes Upham about the Kyrie Irving trade, Shawn Hardie gathered some hardcore boxing fans and MMA enthusiasts to argue chat about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight on Saturday night. They discuss who wins the fight and in how many rounds (8:20 mark), what percent chance does McGregor have to win the fight (21:30), which sport between boxing or MMA will benefit the most from the fight (29:40), will boxers vs. mixed martial artists be the future of big time boxing matches (35:45) and if this will be the last great boxing superfight (and if this will be Floyd’s last fight) (39:50).  Crew: Shawn Hardie, Mark Hamblin (boxing fan), Roger Anderson (boxing fan), Midtown Mo (MMA fan) and Jayson Phillips (MMA & boxing fan/boxer & MMA fighter).

Five Questions Episode 27: Bleacher Report’s Jermaine Spradley on the Knicks, LaVar Ball, Canelo/GGG and the sports media landscape

Shawn Hardie is joined by Jermaine Spradley to discuss how he went from handling credit default swaps at Citigroup to becoming executive editor at Bleacher Report, what would happen if the Knicks ever won the NBA title (12:45 mark), his thoughts on LaVar Ball (27:20), the layoffs at ESPN and how they reflect the changing sports media landscape (31:50) and Floyd Mayweather’s influence on the upcoming Canelo/GGG fight (39:30).

(Note: Due to technical difficulties, we had to change recording apparatus which caused a change in recording quality, and we apologize.)

This Is It | 9.18.13: Canelo & The 49ers Can’t Win For Losing

William H. Strafe, Streetz and Joe Sargent dial up @BrieVanessa for the Hater’s Call after her 49ers got drummed in Seattle. They also discuss how anyone could have given Canelo Alvarez four rounds and who’s the next punching bag for Floyd Mayweather to fight, and Midtown Mo makes a last-minute appearance.


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This Is It | 9.11.13: David Wilson Just Fumbled Again! (and NFL Week 1 Recap)

William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo give the first Hater’s Call of the 2013 NFL season to Streetz after his Giants commit six turnovers against Dallas in Week 1. They also discuss David Wilson’s fumbling (and his angry tweet about it), the rest of Week 1 in the NFL and the upcoming Mayweather-Canelo fight.


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This Is It | 12.11.12: You Got Knocked The **** Out!


@WilliamHStrafe, @MidtownMo, @streetztalk and @DrJayJack discuss the Ravens firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and the proposal to eliminate kickoffs in football. @JMikey gets the Hater’s Call after his Cardinals lose 58-0 to Seattle. They also discuss the Pacquiao-Marquez fight and the upcoming Knicks-Nets game on Tuesday.

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