seveneighteen’s 2017 College Football Predictions

As discussed on the 2017 College Football Preview podcast, here are the 2017 college football predictions made by our panel of “experts.” (They’ve been watching college football since before most of you were born, so they’re experts to us.) Take these to the bank!

Rank the Power Five Conferences from best to worst

Ali Campbell:  Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Pac-12, Big XII
Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling: ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC, Big XII
Roger Anderson: Pac-12, ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, SEC
Ron Treasure: ACC, Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten, Big XII


Which school is ranked too high in the preseason AP Top 25?

Ali: Georgia
Dutch: Texas
Roger: Florida
Ron: Texas


Which currently unranked school can play in a New Year’s Six bowl?

Ali: TCU
Dutch: TCU
Roger: Boise State
Ron: Boise State


Predict the College Football Playoff teams and the national champion

Ali: Alabama beats Michigan, Ohio State beats USC, Ohio State wins
Dutch: USC over Florida State, Ohio State over Alabama, USC wins
Roger: Alabama over Okla St., Ohio St. over Washington, Ohio St. wins
Ron: Alabama over Oklahoma, Washington over Ohio St., Washington wins


What are your predictions?

Five Questions Episode 38: 2017 College Football Preview

In our 2017 college football preview show, Shawn Hardie is joined by longtime University of Miami Hurricanes fans Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson and Ron Treasure and our resident college football expert Ali Campbell. They rank the Power 5 conferences (hint: The SEC isn’t number one!), which teams have no business being ranked where they are in the preseason AP Top 25 (12:40 mark), which teams outside the preseason AP Top 25 could realisitically play in a New Year’s Six bowl game (22:50), which teams will make the College Football Playoff and who will win the national title (38:00). They conclude with their annual discussion regarding Miami football and if this is the year the Hurricanes finally return to glory and become annual contenders (48:00).

Five Questions | S1 E08: Did The CFP Get It Right?


Shawn Hardie is joined by Option A or B host (and Florida State alum) Chris Canada, Miami Hurricanes fan Ron Treasure and Ali Campbell aka Option Ali to discuss the College Football Playoff final rankings. Did the committee get it right? Can a case be made for Penn State or Michigan? What’s the difference between “best teams” and “most deserving teams?” Should the playoff be expanded to eight teams? Can ANYONE beat Alabama?

Five Questions | S1 E07: The Return of the Hater’s Call (College Football Edition)


We dust off the Hater’s Call for Washington fan Tousanna Durgan and Clemson fan Mike Cotton after both teams suffered losses that will have a major impact on their chances to make the College Football Playoff. With support from Ali Campbell and Miami Hurricane fans Dutch and Ron Treasure, we discuss how confident they felt before losing to USC and Pittsburgh, respectively (6:00 mark), who should be in the top 4 of the latest CFP rankings (10:15) and would they rather go undefeated and miss the CFP or make the CFP with their one loss to their biggest rival (23:45).

Our 2016 College Football Predictions (Sure To Go Wrong)

Here’s a quick recap of all the predictions made on the DEFINITIVE 2016 College Football Season Preview show from August 31st with Ali (@MrGetItOnJones) and the Miami Hurricanes posse: Roger Dean, Ron Treasure and Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling (@DutchieFlair).

Best ConferenceImageImageImageImage
Most OverratedImageImageImageImage
Group of 5 Team That Can Make CFPImageImageImageImage
CFP Team No. 1ImageImageImageImage
CFP Team No. 2ImageImageImageImage
CFP Team No. 3ImageImageImageImage
CFP Team No. 4ImageImageImageImage
National ChampionImageImageImageImage

This Is It | S7 E37: The DEFINITIVE 2016 College Football Season Preview


Shawn Hardie is joined by Ali and Miami Hurricanes fans Ron Treasure, Raul Dutch Wikkeling and Roger Dean Anderson to talk about the upcoming college football season. They discuss what will be the best conference (2:50 mark), which team is ranked way too high in the preseason Top 25 (9:35), which Group of 5 team can get into the College Football playoff (19:33), who makes the playoff (28:15) and who wins the national championship (34:15). The Hurricanes then discuss how Miami will do this season (37:35).

This Is It | S7 Ep. 11: The College Football Playoff


William H. Strafe, Ali, FSU alum Bob Canada & Miami Hurricanes fan Ron Treasure discuss the College Football Playoff, including if they got the teams right, if Clemson had any room for error, Alabama’s overrated schedule and who will win it all.

#ThrowbackThursday Sports: Marshawn Lynch Shines “365 Days A Week!”

Marshawn whipping in a golf cart in college will NEVER get old.
(H/T to Black Prez for the video)

This Is It | S7: Ep. 6: Requiem for The U


Strafe and Ali discuss the sad state of Miami Hurricanes football after head coach Al Golden was fired following their 58-0 loss to Clemson with Ali’s cousins (and diehard Hurricanes fans) Ron Treasure and Roger Dean.

This Is It | S7 Ep. 4: Fail To The Victors, Best Bets for NFL Week 7 and the Ravens Stink


William H. Strafe & Ali discuss if Fail To The Victors killed Michigan’s playoff chances, give their NFL best bets for Week 7 and if the Jets can win 10 games. Also, Strafe puts himself on the Hater’s Call to discuss Baltimore’s lost season