Five Questions Episode 45: The DEFINITIVE 2017-18 NBA Preview

2017-18 NBA Preview In our 2017-18 NBA preview, we discuss who will be the worst team in the league (3:40 mark), which Western Conference bubble team will miss the playoffs (10:00), the team most likely to go over or under its projected win total (16:00), what to expect from the Oklahoma City Thunder (24:30) and the 16 playoff teams (30:15) before wrapping up with an NBA guessing game called, “Who He Play For?” (40:00) Crew: Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, J. Mikey and Emman Ebosie.

Nick Young & JaVale McGee Read The “Reggie” Scene From “Bad Boys II”

These guys make an already funny AF scene even funnier. In this installment of ‘Table Reads,’ the Golden State Warriors’ JaVale McGee and Nick Young have chosen to read the iconic “Reggie” scene from ‘Bad Boys II. (H/T to The Ringer.)

Five Questions Episode 43: The Curious Case of Colin Kaepernick

Colin-Kaepernick-Donald-Trump Shawn Hardie and Wes Upham discuss the NFL’s reaction to President Trump’s comments regarding Colin Kaepernick and #takeaknee (23:00 mark). They also discuss why NFL owners chose to “unite” with the players (30:30) and Shawn explains why he still watches the NFL and why boycotting specific teams makes more sense than the entire league (35:20). Beforehand, they brought back the Hater’s Call for Shawn after his Ravens got destroyed by Jacksonville (3:45) and briefly discussed the Carmelo Anthony trade (17:00).

Five Questions Episode 42: Carmelo Anthony Trade Rapid Reaction

Shawn Hardie rounded up fellow Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Emman Ebosie, Bruce Elliott and Nonstop Culture’sJeff J. to break down the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They discuss their thoughts on the actual trade, the future of the New York Knicks, where OKC will finish in the Western Conference next season and Carmelo’s legacy as a Knick.

Five Questions Episode 34: A Requiem for Phil Jackson, Part 2

In Part 2 of the discussion of the resignation/firing/parting ways of Phil Jackson, we discuss America’s obsession with berating the Knicks, what’s next and argue if Phil was really as bad as others make him out to be. Crew: Lifelong Knicks fans Shawn HardieBruce Elliott, Claudio De La Rosa, George BrobbeyJeff J.Landon Dais

Five Questions Episode 34: A Requiem for Phil Jackson, Part 1

We have assembled a collection of Knicks fans to discuss the resignation/firing/parting ways of team president Phil Jackson. We compare him to Isiah Lord Thomas, wonder if the Knicks are in a better or worse place than when Phil started, how this affects Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzinigs and what exactly was the final straw for team owner James Dolan. Crew: Lifelong Knicks fans Shawn Hardie, Bruce Elliott, Claudio De La Rosa, George Brobbey, Jeff J., Landon Dais

Five Questions Episode 32: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NBA Draft Preview

We gathered an All-Star crew to discuss the NBA Draft, including the blockbuster Celtics-Sixers trade over the weekend, if the Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball or will they Carmelo themselves and trade it for Paul George (9:10), who the Suns (14:21), Kings (16:30) and Magic (19:10) will take and if the Knicks can end up with De’Aaron Fox (24:30). After conducting our own top 10 mock draft (28:10), we discuss which player could unexpectedly jump into the top 10 (42:10) before wrapping up with NBA trade news and rumors (50:10), a 76ers fan’s perspective on the Celtics-Sixers trade (1:01:40) and if LeBron to LA next year could happen (1:06:10). Cast: Rahel Ayalew (Celtics fan), Cousin D (Lakers), Alvin Grimes (76ers), Knubbs (Suns), Joey Corleone (Kings), Dr. Mike Williams (Magic), Shawn Hardie & Ali Campbell (Knicks).

Five Questions Episode 31: Reviewing The NBA Finals, Part 2

After briefly wondering if Magic Johnson can save the Lakers, the crew returns to discuss the dilemma of how to rate Draymond Green (7:40 mark), what RINGZZZZZ do for guys like Paul Pierce (14:10), Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving (22:15) and the difference between basketball today compared to the 80s and 90s (39:50). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson, Cousin D and Ali Campbell. 

Five Questions Episode 31: Reviewing The 2017 NBA Finals, Part 1

Shawn Hardie is joined by Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson, Cousin D and Ali Campbell to discuss the NBA Finals, including the myths that basketball fans (especially the MJ and Kobe stans) believe in (2:45 mark), highlights of the Finals (6:00),  if KD made the right decision (17:30) and what Cleveland (and the rest of the NBA) can do to catch the Warriors (1:04:55).

Five Questions Episode 29: The 2017 NBA Finals Preview

Shawn Hardie is joined by Lakers fans Cousin D and Roger Dean, Knicks fan Ali Campbell and Warriors “fan” Midtown Mo to discuss the NBA Finals, including who will win (5:30 mark), who will be the MVP (20:30), who will emerge as an unlikely hero (29:45), if a Warriors sweep is more or less likely than the Cavs winning two or three games (37:50)  and how many players in this series will make the Hall of Fame (45:50).