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This It Is | S7 E28: Redoing The 2006 NFL Draft

William H. Strafe, Cousin D and Ali redo the first 12 picks of the the infamous 2006 NFL Draft, making selections based on what everyone knows about the players now and what the teams needed at the time.  Does Mario Williams go No. 1 again?  How far does Reggie Bush fall? Which original 4th round pick jumps into their top 5?

This Is It | S7 E27: The Catch-Up


For the first time, Strafe flies solo and discusses Kobe’s last game, the NBA Playoffs, the NBA Draft Lottery and why he still believes in Phil Jackson.

This Is It | S7 E20: Super Bowl 50 Recap


Strafe, Cousin D, Ali and Seahawks fan Chris Canada review Super Bowl 50. They discuss Carolina’s offensive struggles (4:30 mark), Cam Newton’s silly excuses (14:45), where Peyton Manning’s performance ranks among the worst in Super Bowl history (25:30), where the Denver defense ranks among the best ever (32:00) and where do both teams end up next year. (36:20)

Your #SuperBowl50 Predictions


Thanks to all who participated in our poll. Check out the results below.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 50?
Carolina Panthers: 92%
Denver Broncos: 8%

Who Will Be Super Bowl 50 MVP?
Cam Newton: 92%
Any Broncos Special Teams Player: 8%

For the record, I say Panthers 38, Broncos 10.

Enjoy the game!

This Is It | S7 E19: Super Bowl 50 Preview


After the long overdue Hater’s Call for Midtown Mo and the Seahawks, Strafe, Mo, Ali and Cousin D preview Super Bowl 50 (11:00 mark) and discuss their favorite prop bets, including if Mike Carey will screw up another replay challenge (24:00) and what dance Cam Newton will do after his first rushing TD (29:30).

Super Bowl 50: Make Your Predictions


It’s very simple. Pick who you think will win, what the score will be and who will be the MVP. Polls close at midnight on Feb. 7. Results will be up before the game. Thank you for your support!

This Is It | S7 E16: Seahawk Down!

Because Midtown Mo & Chris Canada are punks, Strafe and Ali had to resort to picking on Canada’s cousin (and Seattle native) Cecily Fox for the Hater’s Call after the Seahawks found themselves down 31-0 at the half to the Panthers on Sunday. They discuss why the Seahawks lost and if this is the end of the Seahawks as we currently know them.

This Is It | S7 E15: The Season Can’t End Like That!


Strafe & Midtown Mo pull off a double Hater’s Call with Vikings fan Chris Edwards and Bengals fan Margot Inzetta after both of their teams found diabolical ways to lose their playoff games this weekend.

(Note: Due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t edit the show the way we wanted, so this is a raw version of the show; No intro music, bad connections, sketchy audio at times. We apologize and plan to return to our normal, outstanding show quality next week… we hope.)

This Is It | S7 E14: 2015 NFL Playoffs Preview


After comparing their own Johnny Football-like experiences (1:30 mark), Strafe, Cousin D & Midtown Mo make their AFC (12:30) & NFC (41:45) playoff predictions & who will win Super Bowl 50 (1:12:00). One of us believes that the NFC title game will be played in Washington (!!!), one of us believes that a Super Bowl victory will be one old cowboy’s last hurrah, and one of us believes Donald Trump’s America will watch the Lombardi trophy presentation in absolute disgust.

This Is It | S7 E13: Jets Gonna Jet!


Strafe & Midtown Mo bring back the Hater’s Call for their old friend and Jets fan Landon Dais after the Jets blew a chance to make the playoffs with their Week 17 loss to the Rex Ryan and the Bills. They discuss how the Jets blew the game, which of the many season-ending Jets losses over the years was the worst  & if they should re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.