Five Questions Episode 39: #ArsenaLOL (and Happy Transfer Deadline Day!)

Arsenal fans Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Ron Treasure and Kerwin Bailey spend Transfer Deadline Day commiserating over the sorry state of their football club. They discuss losing 4-0 to Liverpool, letting the deadline pass while not signing anyone and how much trouble the club is in. Five Questions host Shawn Hardie  (Spurs) and friends of the show George Brobbey (Man United) and Dr. Mike Williams (Man City) also took part, reveling in the shame and pity of the Gooners.

This Is It | S7 E36: The DEFINITIVE 2016-17 #PremierLeague Season Preview


Strafe is joined by fellow Spurs fan Elvis Maduro and Arsenal supporter Raul Wikkeling aka Dutch to preview the Premier League season. They discuss who will be relegated (3:45 mark), the first coach fired (14:50), the team from the bottom 10 that will jump to the top 10 (20:35), who will finish in the Top 4 (24:00), who will win the title (46:54) and if an English team can win the Champions League  (59:12).

S7 E31: English Premier League 2015-16 Season Review, Part 3



In Part 3 of the EPL Season Review, William H. Strafe and Elvis Maduro (Tottenham Hotspur), George Brobbey (Manchester United), Tim Puko (Fulham) and Kerwin Bailey, Ron Treasure and Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling (Arsenal scum) discuss the North London rivalry, if Arsenal finishing above Spurs actually matters in the grand scheme of things and where Premier League champions Leicester City will finish next season (30:20).