This Is It | S7 E23: The DEFINITIVE 2016 NCAA Tournament Preview

buddy hield

Regular podcast contributor Chris Canada (Florida State) takes over hosting duties this week for brand new dad William H. Strafe (Syracuse) to conduct the annual NCAA tournament preview show with Ali (Lehman College) and Landon Dais (Morehouse). We didn’t listen to the show before editing, so if they said something you don’t like… c’est la vie.

This It Is: The DEFINITIVE 2015 NCAA Tournament Preview


William H. Strafe (Syracuse), Seahawks fan and regular contributor Chris Canada (Florida State) and Ali McFly (Lehman) preview the 2015 NCAA Tournament, discuss who has the best chance to beat Kentucky and why the hell Oklahoma State is in the tournament.

If you want to skip ahead to each round…
First Round: 12:05 mark
Second Round: 56:36 mark
Sweet 16: 1:10:40 mark
Elite Eight: 1:17:07 mark
Final Four: 1:23:00 mark