This Is It | S7 E21: Previewing The 88th Academy Awards

William H. Strafe, NY socialite/actor J. Mikey and actress/director Brianna Seagraves discuss who will (and should) win the big five categories at this year’s Academy Awards. They discuss Sylvester Stallone’s performance in Creed (8:50), if Leo finally gets a win (15:45) and if Best Picture is a two-horse race (21:00). Brianna goes on an absolutely classic rant about Brooklyn being a mediocre film (33:47). Finally, they discuss if the #OscarsSoWhite movement is a little shortsighted (38:25).

This Is It | S7 E18: The South vs. Everybody (Part 2)


In Part 2, Shawn, Ali, Lauren Grant, Shayla Byrd and Charisse Vickerie continue the South vs. Everybody discussion, including the similarities between Southerners and Brooklynites (1:00 mark), the difference between “bad” and “overrated” (14:00), good strip clubs can actually exist outside of Atlanta (20:00) and food at the strip club (37:00).


This Is It | S7 E18: The South vs. Everybody (Part 1)


Strafe and Ali welcome guests Lauren Grant (Columbia, SC), Shayla Byrd (Memphis, TN) and Charisse Vickerie (Roselle, NJ) to ask why do Southerners believe everything native to the South is the best thing ever. They discuss if grits are overrated (and the difference between grits and porridge) (5:15 mark), the legend of Chick-Fil-A (24:45), do New Yorkers think everything not from New York is overrated (35:45) and how Southern is the state of New Jersey. (47:00).