Five Questions Episode 40: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL Preview

seveneighteen‘s Shawn Hardie (Ravens fan) is joined by Cousin D (Cowboys), Midtown Mo & Option A or B host Chris Canada (Seahawks) and community advocate Landon Dais (Jets) for the DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL preview. They discuss who will be the worst team in the NFL, which team with a losing record in 2016 can make the playoffs in 2017 (7:45 mark), which playoff team in 2016 can have a losing record in 2017 (17:10), who makes the playoffs (27:10) and who wins the conference title games and Super Bowl LII (42:20). They also discuss which current NFL coach (besides Bill Belichick) could replace their head coach (52:10)  and discuss some interesting player gambling props (1:01:45).

Five Questions | S1 E01: The DEFINITIVE 2016 NFL Season Preview

2016 nfl

Shawn Hardie previews the 2016 NFL season with Midtown Mo (Seahawks fan), Cousin D (Cowboys), Ali (Giants) and Cousin Zane (Lions). They discuss who will be the worst team in the league (4:30 mark), which crappy teams will bounce back (12:40), which 10+ win teams will wet the bed (22:50), who makes the playoffs (32:00) and who wins Super Bowl LI (43:35).

This It Is | S7 E28: Redoing The 2006 NFL Draft

William H. Strafe, Cousin D and Ali redo the first 12 picks of the the infamous 2006 NFL Draft, making selections based on what everyone knows about the players now and what the teams needed at the time.  Does Mario Williams go No. 1 again?  How far does Reggie Bush fall? Which original 4th round pick jumps into their top 5?

This Is It | S7 E13: Jets Gonna Jet!


Strafe & Midtown Mo bring back the Hater’s Call for their old friend and Jets fan Landon Dais after the Jets blew a chance to make the playoffs with their Week 17 loss to the Rex Ryan and the Bills. They discuss how the Jets blew the game, which of the many season-ending Jets losses over the years was the worst  & if they should re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This Is It | S7 E12: The End of Chip Kelly

Strafe, Midtown Mo & Ali chat with their friend and Eagles fan Marcus after Jeffrey Lurie told Chip Kelly to go scratch (4:00 mark). Later, Mo bets Strafe that the Seahawks will win the NFC (26:00) & everyone discusses who can win Super Bowl 50 (44:30).

This Is It Podcast: Best Bets For NFL Week 6


William H. Strafe & Ali McFly discuss their three best bets for Week 6 in the NFL, which AFC team needs a new QB next year and if the Colts can do anything to prevent getting steamrolled by the Patriots.

This Is It Podcast: The DEFINITIVE 2015 NFL Season Preview: AFC (Part 1)


The gang gets back together to preview the AFC East (3:20 mark) & AFC South (24:00) & Midtown Mo makes a bold prediction for one team (30:50). Crew: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Ali & Cousin D w/ special guests Cousin Zane & Patriots fan @DrMikeWill


This Is It: NFL Free Agency Frenzy


William H. Strafe, Cousin D & Ali McFly discuss the Eagles’ moves, if the Lions “trading” Ndamukong Suh for Haloti Ngata was wise (7:55), the Seahawks-Saints trade (11:10), which AFC East team can dethrone the Pats (37:15), is this the end of the 49ers (41:08) & what’ll Dallas do about DeMarco Murray (47:00).  Also, Cousin D shares an interesting Spades argument story (27:40).

This Is It: Is NBA Coaching Smoke & Mirrors?


William H. Strafe, Dr. J & Vlad Jones-McFly call their friend & Eagles fan Marcus to discuss the LeSean McCoy-Kiko Alonzo trade, then all four discuss the Brian Shaw firing & how much of an NBA coach’s success is dependent on factors out of his control (15:00 mark).

Strafe’s NFL Picks For Week 5


***UPDATE*** Picks updated Sunday at 11:52 AM EDT with news that Lions WR Calvin Johnson is inactive against Green Bay.

Every week, I pick against the Cleveland Browns. It doesn’t matter if they’re giving points or taking points. I pick against the Browns every week.

And every week, I lose.

Well, not EVERY week. I picked against them Week 1, when they were giving 1/2 point to the Dolphins at home. Miami’s 23-10 further solidified my future decision to pick against the Browns.

Why do I pick against the Browns? Simple. They’re the Browns.

Ask yourself… how many times in the last three years have you felt REALLY comfortable picking the Browns?

Even after they beat me three straight weeks, I felt hella confident picking against them this week at home against the Bills, for these reasons:

  1. They’re the Browns.
  2. IMHO, the Browns shouldn’t give 4.5 to anyone.
  3. They’re the Browns.

Of course, what happens last night? Brown 37, Bills 24 (A game in which the Bills led 24-17 halfway through the 3rd quarter)

Partially due to the guy above in white, Jeff Tuel.

If Manuel plays the entire game, the Bills probably cover. But he didn’t. And they didn’t.

Maybe God is trying to tell me something. And this is the same God who hates Cleveland.

Next week, the Browns host Detroit. We’ll see who I pick then.

Here are the Week 5 picks. (Home team in CAPS)

Buffalo (+4.5) over CLEVELAND (Bollocks)
Seattle (-2.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
CINCINNATI (-1.5) over New England
Baltimore (+2.5) over MIAMI
Jacksonville (+11.5) over ST. LOUIS (Jacksonville, if you don’t cover against THESE guys…)
Kansas City (-2.5) over TENNESSEE
New Orleans (+0.5) over CHICAGO (UPSET SPECIAL: The Saints win outright.)
GREEN BAY (-6.5) over Detroit
NY GIANTS (-2.5) over Philadelphia
Carolina (-1.5) over ARIZONA
DALLAS (+7.5) over Denver (UNDERDOG SPECIAL: This is the best pass rush Peyton’s seen all year.)
OAKLAND (+4.5) over San Diego
SAN FRANCISCO (-6.5) over Houston
ATLANTA (-8.5) over NY Jets (LOCK OF THE WEEK: Falcons 31, Jets 10)

Last Week: 6-9
This Season: 23-40