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This Is It | S7 E27: The Catch-Up


For the first time, Strafe flies solo and discusses Kobe’s last game, the NBA Playoffs, the NBA Draft Lottery and why he still believes in Phil Jackson.

This Is It | S7 Ep. 9a: Extra Time – A Very Special Cowboys Corner


In a special edition of This Is It, Cousin D argues why his Cowboys should be favored over the Panthers this Thursday in Dallas. Meanwhile, Strafe & Ali argue that Carolina should be favored because the Cowboys are, you know, 3-7 & the Panthers are, you know, 10-0.

This Is It | S7 Ep. 9: NFL Week 12 & Who Will Beat The Warriors? 


We preview the NFL Week 12 lines, pick who’ll beat the Warriors first (someone said the Lakers!) (21:00 mark), discuss if Steph Curry is better than LeBron James (32:00) & bring back Cowboys Corner so Cousin D can say why the Cowboys could win the NFC. Yes, he was serious. (35:20) Crew: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Cousin D and Ali

This Is It Podcast: The DEFINITIVE 2015 NFL Season Preview: NFC (Part 1)



The fellas preview the NFC North (2:20 mark), South (20:15) & East (36:35), along with a spot on impersonation of Cowboys fan Cousin D. Posse: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Ali w/ guest @BlackBruceWayne (Giants).

This Is It: NFL Free Agency Frenzy


William H. Strafe, Cousin D & Ali McFly discuss the Eagles’ moves, if the Lions “trading” Ndamukong Suh for Haloti Ngata was wise (7:55), the Seahawks-Saints trade (11:10), which AFC East team can dethrone the Pats (37:15), is this the end of the 49ers (41:08) & what’ll Dallas do about DeMarco Murray (47:00).  Also, Cousin D shares an interesting Spades argument story (27:40).

The DEFINITIVE seveneighteen 2014 NFL Preview, Part 2: The NFC


Yesterday, we previewed the AFC. In today’s podcast, Strafe, Mo, Cousin D and McFly preview the NFC and make playoff predictions.

This Is It | 10.9.13: Romo Being Romo (And The Falcons Stink)


Strafe, Cousin D, Dr. J. Joe Sargent & Midtown Mo discuss if Tony Romo gets a bad rap (and if they would take Matt Schaub over him),  who will beat the Broncos first and recap their NFL predictions at the quarter-season mark. They also give a Hater’s Call to Falcons fan Carson after the Jets’ surprising win in Atlanta.

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00:00 –  Is the Tony Romo criticism fair?
11:00 –  Tony Romo vs. Matt Schaub and the Super Bowl effect on a QB
22:20 –  Who beats the Broncos first?
27:37 – The Atlanta Falcons are in trouble
35:45 – Hater’s Call: Carson (Falcons)
52:00 – Reviewing our NFL preseason predictions after the quarter mark


This Is It | 10.2.13: In Front of My Family, Dawg? (or, Poor Lane Kiffin)


Strafe, McFly, Ness and Joe Sargent discuss Week 4 in the NFL, if Lane Kiffin’s firing was dirty and if the Jaguars are the worst NFL team they’ve ever seen.

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This Is It | 9.11.13: David Wilson Just Fumbled Again! (and NFL Week 1 Recap)

William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo give the first Hater’s Call of the 2013 NFL season to Streetz after his Giants commit six turnovers against Dallas in Week 1. They also discuss David Wilson’s fumbling (and his angry tweet about it), the rest of Week 1 in the NFL and the upcoming Mayweather-Canelo fight.

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The Beer Exchange, Part 2

In Part 2 of The Beer Exchange (click here if you missed Part 1), we talked about the following…

  • The end of the Heat’s 27-game winning streak being correctly predicted by yours truly
  • Why the Dallas Cowboys play in Eli N. Manning Memorial Stadium, not Cowboys Stadium (or whatever it’s called now)
  • How the Colts could go 11-5 and yet somehow get murdered by the Jets (!!!)
  • Why I hate J.R. Smith
  • Mo’s actions when he thought the Heat would lose the championship
  • The Denver Nuggets and the frauds that they were
  • Manti Te’o and his… issues

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://theseveneighteen.com/podcasts/seveneighteen07.29.13beerexchangepart2.mp3″ url_ogg=”” height=”20″ download=”true” html5=”true” skin=”small” align=”left”]

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