Five Questions Episode 32: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NBA Draft Preview

We gathered an All-Star crew to discuss the NBA Draft, including the blockbuster Celtics-Sixers trade over the weekend, if the Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball or will they Carmelo themselves and trade it for Paul George (9:10), who the Suns (14:21), Kings (16:30) and Magic (19:10) will take and if the Knicks can end up with De’Aaron Fox (24:30). After conducting our own top 10 mock draft (28:10), we discuss which player could unexpectedly jump into the top 10 (42:10) before wrapping up with NBA trade news and rumors (50:10), a 76ers fan’s perspective on the Celtics-Sixers trade (1:01:40) and if LeBron to LA next year could happen (1:06:10). Cast: Rahel Ayalew (Celtics fan), Cousin D (Lakers), Alvin Grimes (76ers), Knubbs (Suns), Joey Corleone (Kings), Dr. Mike Williams (Magic), Shawn Hardie & Ali Campbell (Knicks).

This Is It: 2015 NBA Playoffs Preview


William H. Strafe and Ali McFly preview the 2015 NBA Playoffs and their champion may surprise you, no bluffing. They also discuss if Philly’s “rebuilding” plan will work (31:00 mark), if the Knicks are screwed (37:32), how good is Russell Westbrook really (47:10) and why most of these playoff reform ideas don’t make sense (51:08).

This Is It: The State of (New York) Basketball


William H. Strafe chats with NY socialite J. Mikey to discuss all things basketball, including the Knicks’ & Nets’ futures, should the Knicks stick with the Triangle Offense (9:58 mark), Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall (23:00), who can win the West  (31:35) and the difference between Knicks fans and Lakers fans (44:30).

This Is It: The Zen Master Plan


Vlad Jones-McFly, Midtown Mo & William H. Strafe discuss if OKC will make the playoffs, if Phil Jackson intended to tank all along (8:29 mark) and which free agents (if any!) will come to NY in 2015 & beyond (16:07 mark).