Five Questions | S1 E04: Talking Hip-Hop with DJ @carverthegreat

Shawn Hardie and the international DJ Carver The Great discuss Future’s influence in hip-hop today, Biggie’s place in hip-hop history, what makes a good lyricist, Drake vs. today’s “gangsta” rappers and when the words “Southern” and “rachet” became synonyms in hip-hop.

This Is It | 10.22.13: Has Jay-Z Become Fat Elvis?


This is Part I in a three-part podcast involving myself, McFly, Mack Mittens (McFly’s brother), Elvis and Cousin D talking about Drake. Somehow we got from Drake to Wu-Tang Clan to whether Jay-Z is Fat Elvis to comparing Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic. Unfortunately the Drake discussion didn’t make the show, but everything else did. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as we did.


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