Five Questions Episode 31: Reviewing The NBA Finals, Part 2

After briefly wondering if Magic Johnson can save the Lakers, the crew returns to discuss the dilemma of how to rate Draymond Green (7:40 mark), what RINGZZZZZ do for guys like Paul Pierce (14:10), Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving (22:15) and the difference between basketball today compared to the 80s and 90s (39:50). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson, Cousin D and Ali Campbell. 

Five Questions Episode 29: The 2017 NBA Finals Preview

Shawn Hardie is joined by Lakers fans Cousin D and Roger Dean, Knicks fan Ali Campbell and Warriors “fan” Midtown Mo to discuss the NBA Finals, including who will win (5:30 mark), who will be the MVP (20:30), who will emerge as an unlikely hero (29:45), if a Warriors sweep is more or less likely than the Cavs winning two or three games (37:50)  and how many players in this series will make the Hall of Fame (45:50).