Sunday Conversation: The Difference Between Shaq & Kobe, Part 1


A delusional Kobe Bryant fan tries to argue that Kobe was more important than Shaq during the Lakers’ title run from ’00 through ’02 (and ends up throwing him under the bus in the process). This is CLASSIC material.


The Beer Exchange, Part 1

All season, the contributors of seveneighteen have been making sports bets of all types from the NFL season through the NBA Finals, putting up a six pack (or some other contraband) as a wager. On July 3, we all got together, brought all the booze that we owed and discussed of the bets that we made and other sports debates, including:

• If a certain team missing its best player would make the NBA playoffs
• If a former Slam Dunk champion would make the Hall of Fame
• What record Landon’s Jets would finish with
• If Erik Spolestra is a Top 5 coach
• Can Adrian Peterson run for 2,500 yards this season?

We now present, The Beer Exchange, Part 1.


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This Is It | 04.18.13: Knicks vs. Lakers? And The NBA Playoffs



William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo discuss with Lakers fan @BrieVanessa if Kevin Ware will play basketball before Kobe Bryant, if Mike D’Antoni should be fired for playing Kobe too many minutes & why Laker fans are happy about being a low seed. Streetz joins later after Brie slanders him about his Knicks’ fandom.

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This Is It | 2.20.13: How To Save All-Star Weekend


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Streetz, Dr. J, Ness & SBM’s Joe Sargent discuss the following…

  • Why the Slam Dunk Contest doesn’t need star power to succeed (and has NEVER needed it), but how it can be fixed (1:00)
  • Why LeBron will never be in the contest (and why does everyone just assume that he’ll be a great dunker?) (6:30 mark)
  • Dr. J rants on why the Orioles and the Nationals not making moves this off-season could be a detriment (12:00)
  • Why the Yankees may suck in 2013 (17:00)
  • The passing of Jerry Buss and the future of the Lakers… and Dwight Howard is still a bitch, according to Dr. J


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This Is It | 2.13.13: The DEFINITIVE NBA Mid-Season Review

Heat v Trail Blazers


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Vlad Jones-McFly & Ness discuss the NBA’s first half, including…

  • Best Team
  • Worst Team
  • Most Surprising Team Not Named The New York Knicks
  • Most Disappointing Team Not Named The Los Angeles Purple Ribbon All-Stars (LAPRAS)
  • MVP (we’ll give you a hint: he looks like the guy in the picture)
  • Most Improved Player
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Will the LAPRAS make the playoffs?
  • NBA Finals Predictions

Forgot to add the intro this week… don’t worry, it’ll be back next week.

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This Is It | 11.14.12: Win, Lose or Draw



Vlad Jones-McFly, Streetz, William H. Strafe, Dr. Jay Jack & Cousin D recap Week 10 in the NFL, incuding the Cowboys’ win, the Giants’ loss & the Rams-49ers tie. They also discuss the Knicks 4-0 (now 5-0!) start and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni.

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seveneighteen presents This Is It: NFL Week 7 (and 6!)

William H. Strafe  & Cousin D discuss the Cowboys loss to the Ravens two weeks ago. They’re then joined by Vlad Jones-McFly & Streetz to discuss the Ravens’ terrible loss at Houston, the Giants-Cowboys matchup in Week 8 and if the Jets can really get to 8 wins.

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