This Is It: The State of (New York) Basketball


William H. Strafe chats with NY socialite J. Mikey to discuss all things basketball, including the Knicks’ & Nets’ futures, should the Knicks stick with the Triangle Offense (9:58 mark), Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall (23:00), who can win the West  (31:35) and the difference between Knicks fans and Lakers fans (44:30).

This Is It | 5.30.13: LeBron’s Legacy & The NBA Playoffs


This week, Strafe, Midtown Mo, Dr. J, Streetz, McFly, Ness & Joe Sargent discuss the following…

  • How Lebron’s legacy will be affected if the Heat don’t  win the title this year (1:00)
  • Midtown Mo’s uber-confidence that the Heat will beat the Spurs (15:45) and how he feels the Heat are “underrated”
  • Mo & Ness attempt to defend Dwyane Wade for elbowing Lance Stephenson in the back of the head (22:23)
  • A heated debate about the top point guards in the league, and why John Wall isn’t one of them (according to everyone  except Ness & Dr. J) (37:30)
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