This Is It: 2015 NBA Draft Review (Or, Knicks Fans Need To Stop Whining)

2015 NBA Draft

Knicks fans @BlackBruceWayne, @okieant, Streetz & McFly comiserate about another “failed” draft, William H. Strafe tells them to stop their bloodclot crying, and Lakers fan @BrieVanessa basks in her glory.

This Is It: The State of (New York) Basketball


William H. Strafe chats with NY socialite J. Mikey to discuss all things basketball, including the Knicks’ & Nets’ futures, should the Knicks stick with the Triangle Offense (9:58 mark), Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall (23:00), who can win the West  (31:35) and the difference between Knicks fans and Lakers fans (44:30).