Five Questions Episode 24: Who Is The NBA MVP?


A roundtable discussion on who is the 2017 NBA MVP, discussing…

1. Why Russell Westbrook is the MVP (3:15 mark)
2. Why James Harden is the MVP (11:00)
3. Why a case can be made for Kawhi Leonard as MVP (20:10)
4. Why no case can be made for Kawhi Leonard as MVP (24:30)
Interlude: Podcast gets hijacked by Kobe talk (39:00)
5. How replaceable are Russ, Harden and Kawhi? (46:00)
6. Who gets picked in a pickup game of Houston and OKC players where Russ & Harden are captains? (1:04:00)
7. Which East playoff team(s) could OKC beat in a seven-game series? (1:10:55)

Crew: Shawn Hardie, Cousin D, Ali, Shakir Taylor, Marcus Ford

This Is It | 6.19.13: One Free Throw Away


After an epic Game 6 of the NBA Finals, we get on the jack to discuss…

  • @MidtownMo‘s all-day whining about “trolling”  and dealing with fans that want you to love their team all the time 
  • Who gets the credit for the Heat win… or the blame for the Spurs loss (@StreetzTalk tries to place blame on one particular Argentinian) (8:25 mark)
  •  What would happen to LeBron if the Heat lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals at home (14:15)
  • If the best team always wins in a seven-game series (case in point: Orlando vs. Cleveland in the 2009 East Finals) (21:25)
  • More slander for @MidtownMo, including his grouping the Knicks & Lakers fans into one “united front” (32:00)
  • If LeBron will wear a headband for Game 7, and when it’s time to tell your friend to accept his male-pattern baldness (39:24)
  • Predictions for Game 7 (44:55)

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