Five Questions Episode 31: Reviewing The NBA Finals, Part 2

After briefly wondering if Magic Johnson can save the Lakers, the crew returns to discuss the dilemma of how to rate Draymond Green (7:40 mark), what RINGZZZZZ do for guys like Paul Pierce (14:10), Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving (22:15) and the difference between basketball today compared to the 80s and 90s (39:50). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson, Cousin D and Ali Campbell. 

This Is It: The State of (New York) Basketball


William H. Strafe chats with NY socialite J. Mikey to discuss all things basketball, including the Knicks’ & Nets’ futures, should the Knicks stick with the Triangle Offense (9:58 mark), Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall (23:00), who can win the West  (31:35) and the difference between Knicks fans and Lakers fans (44:30).

This Is It | 2.20.13: How To Save All-Star Weekend


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Streetz, Dr. J, Ness & SBM’s Joe Sargent discuss the following…

  • Why the Slam Dunk Contest doesn’t need star power to succeed (and has NEVER needed it), but how it can be fixed (1:00)
  • Why LeBron will never be in the contest (and why does everyone just assume that he’ll be a great dunker?) (6:30 mark)
  • Dr. J rants on why the Orioles and the Nationals not making moves this off-season could be a detriment (12:00)
  • Why the Yankees may suck in 2013 (17:00)
  • The passing of Jerry Buss and the future of the Lakers… and Dwight Howard is still a bitch, according to Dr. J


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