DC Teams Stink, Lonzo Stinks and Everyone Hates The Knicks with @DrJayJack | Five Questions Episode 49

dc teams stinkseveneighteen’s Shawn Hardie lets DC native Dr. J from Single Black Male rant about why DC teams stink after the DC Native Americans’ blew it on Sunday. He also rips Lonzo Ball a new one, asks Shawn about the Knicks this season and Future Hall of Famer™ Dennis Smith Jr. and shares why he doesn’t believe LeBron will be a Laker.

Five Questions Episode 32: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NBA Draft Preview

We gathered an All-Star crew to discuss the NBA Draft, including the blockbuster Celtics-Sixers trade over the weekend, if the Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball or will they Carmelo themselves and trade it for Paul George (9:10), who the Suns (14:21), Kings (16:30) and Magic (19:10) will take and if the Knicks can end up with De’Aaron Fox (24:30). After conducting our own top 10 mock draft (28:10), we discuss which player could unexpectedly jump into the top 10 (42:10) before wrapping up with NBA trade news and rumors (50:10), a 76ers fan’s perspective on the Celtics-Sixers trade (1:01:40) and if LeBron to LA next year could happen (1:06:10). Cast: Rahel Ayalew (Celtics fan), Cousin D (Lakers), Alvin Grimes (76ers), Knubbs (Suns), Joey Corleone (Kings), Dr. Mike Williams (Magic), Shawn Hardie & Ali Campbell (Knicks).

Five Questions Episode 31: Reviewing The NBA Finals, Part 2

After briefly wondering if Magic Johnson can save the Lakers, the crew returns to discuss the dilemma of how to rate Draymond Green (7:40 mark), what RINGZZZZZ do for guys like Paul Pierce (14:10), Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving (22:15) and the difference between basketball today compared to the 80s and 90s (39:50). Crew: Shawn Hardie, Raul “Dutch” Wikkeling, Roger Anderson, Cousin D and Ali Campbell. 

Five Questions Episode 28: Live at the NBA Draft Lottery

Shawn Hardie (Knicks fan) was joined by Cousin D (Lakers), Alvin Grimes (Sixers), J. Mikey (Nets) and Knubbs (Suns) to watch and discuss the NBA Draft Lottery live on YouTube Tuesday night. One of us was not amused afterward.

Five Questions | S1 E05: The DEFINITIVE 2016-17 NBA Season Preview


Instead of the usual, run-of-the-mill preview show (because we’re 99.9875% sure what the Finals will be), Shawn Hardie, Ali and Cousin D discuss who will claim the title of Worst NBA Team from the Sixers, which teams from each conference will not make the playoffs, how good the Bulls will be, the Warriors vs. the field, who will win the Southeast Division and who will win MVP. (Hint: No one picked a Cavalier or a Warrior!)

This Is It | S7 E27: The Catch-Up


For the first time, Strafe flies solo and discusses Kobe’s last game, the NBA Playoffs, the NBA Draft Lottery and why he still believes in Phil Jackson.

This Is It | S7 Ep. 10: Kobe Bryant: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


William H. Strafe is joined by Laker fans Cousin D, Brie Vanessa and Single Black Male’s Dr. J to discuss the career of Kobe Bryant, including if Kobe is the best they’ve ever seen (2:20 mark), the years with Shaq (25:45), his struggles this year (39:00) and if he’ll ever score 40 points in a game again (56:40).

This Is It | S7 Ep. 9: NFL Week 12 & Who Will Beat The Warriors? 


We preview the NFL Week 12 lines, pick who’ll beat the Warriors first (someone said the Lakers!) (21:00 mark), discuss if Steph Curry is better than LeBron James (32:00) & bring back Cowboys Corner so Cousin D can say why the Cowboys could win the NFC. Yes, he was serious. (35:20) Crew: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Cousin D and Ali

This Is It | S7 Ep. 5: The DEFINITIVE 2015-16 NBA Season Preview


Strafe, Cousin D, Ali and special guests Ron Treasure & Roger Dean preview the ’15-’16 NBA season, including who will have more wins between the Knicks & Lakers, who will make the playoffs & who will win the NBA title.

This Is It: 2015 NBA Draft Review (Or, Knicks Fans Need To Stop Whining)

2015 NBA Draft

Knicks fans @BlackBruceWayne, @okieant, Streetz & McFly comiserate about another “failed” draft, William H. Strafe tells them to stop their bloodclot crying, and Lakers fan @BrieVanessa basks in her glory.