This Is It | S7 E35: The State of The New York Knicks, Part 1


Strafe and Ali host a roundtable discussion of long suffering Knicks fans, discussing who’s to blame for the Knicks’ current state (6:58 mark), President Phil Jackson’s tenure (15:17) and if Tom Thibodeau would’ve been a good fit as head coach (33:58). Guests: Carlos Poveda, Emman Ebosie, Elvis Maduro, George Brobbey & Bleacher Report’s Jeff J.

This Is It | 5.22.13: Can Indiana (Seriously) Beat Miami?



Strafe, Dr. Jay Jackson, Midtown Mo and Vlad Jones-McFly discuss whether Carmelo Anthony can be the best player on a championship team, how many games it would take the Heat to beat Indiana,  if the Grizzlies would really be a matchup problem for the Heat and argue who’ll be the best player in the upcoming NBA Draft.

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PS – We gave Jackson one minute to talk about the Lakers at the beginning…  and he took three. Consider yourself warned.

This Is It | 4.24.13: NBA Playoffs… and Poor Kerry Rhodes


On this week’s show, Strafe, Midtown Mo, Streetz and Dr. J discuss the following…

  • The Knicks make Mo look silly for backing the Celtics in any capacity (1:00)… and the Lakers look like crap (2:00)
  • Are the playoffs merely a coronation for a Heat-Thunder Finals? Will there be notable series before then? (9:00)
  • Who will be the biggest first-round bust in this year’s draft? (30:45)
  • Will Manti Te’o go in the first round? (34:00)
  • The Kerry Rhodes sexual orientation situation and if this “Hollywood” dude has any credibility whatsoever (35:50)
  • The Cavaliers hire Mike Brown. Yes, THAT Mike Brown (51:50)

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This Is It | 04.18.13: Knicks vs. Lakers? And The NBA Playoffs



William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo discuss with Lakers fan @BrieVanessa if Kevin Ware will play basketball before Kobe Bryant, if Mike D’Antoni should be fired for playing Kobe too many minutes & why Laker fans are happy about being a low seed. Streetz joins later after Brie slanders him about his Knicks’ fandom.

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This Is It | 2.20.13: How To Save All-Star Weekend


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Streetz, Dr. J, Ness & SBM’s Joe Sargent discuss the following…

  • Why the Slam Dunk Contest doesn’t need star power to succeed (and has NEVER needed it), but how it can be fixed (1:00)
  • Why LeBron will never be in the contest (and why does everyone just assume that he’ll be a great dunker?) (6:30 mark)
  • Dr. J rants on why the Orioles and the Nationals not making moves this off-season could be a detriment (12:00)
  • Why the Yankees may suck in 2013 (17:00)
  • The passing of Jerry Buss and the future of the Lakers… and Dwight Howard is still a bitch, according to Dr. J


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This Is It | 2.13.13: The DEFINITIVE NBA Mid-Season Review

Heat v Trail Blazers


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Vlad Jones-McFly & Ness discuss the NBA’s first half, including…

  • Best Team
  • Worst Team
  • Most Surprising Team Not Named The New York Knicks
  • Most Disappointing Team Not Named The Los Angeles Purple Ribbon All-Stars (LAPRAS)
  • MVP (we’ll give you a hint: he looks like the guy in the picture)
  • Most Improved Player
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Will the LAPRAS make the playoffs?
  • NBA Finals Predictions

Forgot to add the intro this week… don’t worry, it’ll be back next week.

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This Is It | 12.11.12: You Got Knocked The **** Out!


@WilliamHStrafe, @MidtownMo, @streetztalk and @DrJayJack discuss the Ravens firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and the proposal to eliminate kickoffs in football. @JMikey gets the Hater’s Call after his Cardinals lose 58-0 to Seattle. They also discuss the Pacquiao-Marquez fight and the upcoming Knicks-Nets game on Tuesday.

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This Is It | 12.5.12: It Could Be Worse… Your Team Could Be Called The Pelicans

eli manning face

William H. Strafe is joined by Streetz & Dr. Jay to discuss the Ravens, Giants and 49ers all wetting the bed on Sunday, the New Orleans Hornets possibly changing their name to the Pelicans. Plus, Dr. Jay goes off on Mike D’Antoni.

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This Is It | 11.14.12: Win, Lose or Draw



Vlad Jones-McFly, Streetz, William H. Strafe, Dr. Jay Jack & Cousin D recap Week 10 in the NFL, incuding the Cowboys’ win, the Giants’ loss & the Rams-49ers tie. They also discuss the Knicks 4-0 (now 5-0!) start and the hiring of Mike D’Antoni.

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Mondays Suck: I Like Mike (D’Antoni) | 11.12.12

I am a Knicks fan, through and through. I bleed orange and blue.

But if and when (and I emphasize WHEN) the Knicks’ championship quest ends, I will be rocking purple and blue pom-poms for the Lakers to win it all, if only for one reason: Mike D’Antoni deserves it.

I’m sick and tired of everyone who says D’Antoni will never win a title because he doesn’t emphasize defense. Just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Some point to his Phoenix teams as proof. I can argue that he never had his full team in any playoff run,  particularly in 2005, where Joe Johnson missed the first three games of the Western Conference Finals against the  Spurs (say what you want about Joe Johnson, but he was their THIRD best player, behind Steve Nash & Amar’e Stoudemire).

Some may point to his time in New York. I’ll say if you ever thought D’Antoni ever had anything close to a championship team during his tenure here, I’ll go half on the Brooklyn Bridge with you.

Yes, Phil Jackson is a better coach, through and through. But maybe Mike D’Antoni is a better fit.

(Besides, I would pay money to see the look on Carmelo Anthony’s face after Mike D’Antoni wins a championship. Wouldn’t you?)

In other news….

– Speaking of the Lakers, I think it’s clear Dr. Jerry Buss is on the George Steinbrenner Last Lap track at this point. I remember when The Boss suddenly was no longer seen in public, turned over control of the Yankees to his sons, but was supposedly “involved” in major decisions. When was the last time anyone without the last name Buss or Kupchak saw Dr. Buss?

– The aforementioned Knicks have four wins in four games, all by double-digits. However, Philly and Dallas didn’t have their best player, and the Heat clearly didn’t want to be there. The Knicks have three games in next four days coming starting tomorrow: at Orlando, at San Antonio, at Memphis. If the Knicks are 6-1 (or better) after this stretch, then I’ll start to believe.

– Rex Ryan says Mark Sanchez is still his quarterback because “he gives us the best chance to win.” At this point, Rex is just trying to save his ego at this point.   Granted, it’s not like the Jets have an arsenal of offensive weapons, but when Mark Sanchez pulls plays like this, I’ve seen enough. Stop shining your AFC Finalist rings, Jets fans. And give Tim Tebow a shot. Look, I’m no big fan of Tebow, but he deserves better than this.

– The Cowboys beat a pathetic Eagles team yesterday. Next week, they’ll beat the terrible Browns at Jerry World, which will bring them to 5-5. This will lead to the sports talking heads (and delusional Cowboys fans) began to spew about the Cowboys’ chances to make a playoff run. Meanwhile, the rational Cowboys fans (trust me, there are some), will channel their inner Al Pacino.