Five Questions Episode 42: Carmelo Anthony Trade Rapid Reaction

Shawn Hardie rounded up fellow Knicks fans Ali Campbell, Emman Ebosie, Bruce Elliott and Nonstop Culture’sJeff J. to break down the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They discuss their thoughts on the actual trade, the future of the New York Knicks, where OKC will finish in the Western Conference next season and Carmelo’s legacy as a Knick.

This Is It | S7 E33: NBA Free Agency… Weak or Powerful? (Part 1)

kd warriors

William H. Strafe and Ali (Knicks fans), Cousin D (Lakers) and Alvin Grimes (76ers) discuss if Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors was wack, why fans expect athletes to make decisions they wouldn’t make (7:45 mark) and how the Durant move affects the NBA regular season and the league’s competitive balance (30:00).

This Is It | S7 E22: NBA Stories, Part 1 – The Warriors & LeBron’s Legacy


In Part 1 of seveneighteen’s NBA Stories series, William H. Strafe and Seattle native/Oklahoma City Thunder hater Chris Canada discuss Saturday’s Warriors-Thunder game and the contenders in the Western  Conference (1:00 mark), which college coaches could succeed in the NBA (12:00) and how much LeBron James really cares about winning a championship in Cleveland. (22:10)

This Is It: Is NBA Coaching Smoke & Mirrors?


William H. Strafe, Dr. J & Vlad Jones-McFly call their friend & Eagles fan Marcus to discuss the LeSean McCoy-Kiko Alonzo trade, then all four discuss the Brian Shaw firing & how much of an NBA coach’s success is dependent on factors out of his control (15:00 mark).

This Is It: The State of (New York) Basketball


William H. Strafe chats with NY socialite J. Mikey to discuss all things basketball, including the Knicks’ & Nets’ futures, should the Knicks stick with the Triangle Offense (9:58 mark), Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall (23:00), who can win the West  (31:35) and the difference between Knicks fans and Lakers fans (44:30).

This Is It: The Zen Master Plan


Vlad Jones-McFly, Midtown Mo & William H. Strafe discuss if OKC will make the playoffs, if Phil Jackson intended to tank all along (8:29 mark) and which free agents (if any!) will come to NY in 2015 & beyond (16:07 mark).


This Is It | 2.13.13: The DEFINITIVE NBA Mid-Season Review

Heat v Trail Blazers


On this week’s show, William H. Strafe, Vlad Jones-McFly & Ness discuss the NBA’s first half, including…

  • Best Team
  • Worst Team
  • Most Surprising Team Not Named The New York Knicks
  • Most Disappointing Team Not Named The Los Angeles Purple Ribbon All-Stars (LAPRAS)
  • MVP (we’ll give you a hint: he looks like the guy in the picture)
  • Most Improved Player
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Will the LAPRAS make the playoffs?
  • NBA Finals Predictions

Forgot to add the intro this week… don’t worry, it’ll be back next week.

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