This Is It | S7 E33: NBA Free Agency… Weak or Powerful? (Part 1)

kd warriors

William H. Strafe and Ali (Knicks fans), Cousin D (Lakers) and Alvin Grimes (76ers) discuss if Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors was wack, why fans expect athletes to make decisions they wouldn’t make (7:45 mark) and how the Durant move affects the NBA regular season and the league’s competitive balance (30:00).

This Is It | 4.24.13: NBA Playoffs… and Poor Kerry Rhodes


On this week’s show, Strafe, Midtown Mo, Streetz and Dr. J discuss the following…

  • The Knicks make Mo look silly for backing the Celtics in any capacity (1:00)… and the Lakers look like crap (2:00)
  • Are the playoffs merely a coronation for a Heat-Thunder Finals? Will there be notable series before then? (9:00)
  • Who will be the biggest first-round bust in this year’s draft? (30:45)
  • Will Manti Te’o go in the first round? (34:00)
  • The Kerry Rhodes sexual orientation situation and if this “Hollywood” dude has any credibility whatsoever (35:50)
  • The Cavaliers hire Mike Brown. Yes, THAT Mike Brown (51:50)

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