Five Questions Episode 25: 100 Days of Donald Trump

Shawn Hardie is joined by Nonstop Culture’s Jeff J., actor/activist J. Mikey and local attorney and politician Landon Dais to discuss Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, including…

  1. If his presidency is or isn’t what they expected at this point
  2. What would Trump take a do-over on
  3. If Sean Spicer is just bad at his job or if he’s set up to fail
  4. If this is the beginning of the end of the GOP as we know it
  5. If Trump lasts four years (whether by choice or by force)

Five Questions | S1 E14: The Legacy of Barack Obama

On the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump, we reflect on the presidency of Barack Obama, discussing what about him will stand out, if he’s gotten a pass that many others wouldn’t have gotten (12:15 mark), the legacy of the Affordable Care Act  (16:00, if the community failed Obama (29:30) and if America is in a better place now than it was eight years ago (40:45). Guests: Actress Brianna Seagraves (Orange Is The New Black, The Brie Show), actor/activist J. Mikey (Blue Bloods, Orange Is The New Black), attorney/politician Landon Dais.