This Is It | 6.3.13: Nobody EVER Says Heat In 7…EVER


After the Heat beat the Pacers to win the Eastern Conference, Strafe & McFly call Midtown Mo to discuss unrealistic expectations from Heat “fans,” the bet he made with Strafe and predictions for the upcoming NBA Finals against the Spurs.

(Apologies for the first two minutes, we had the AC running.)

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This Is It | 5.30.13: LeBron’s Legacy & The NBA Playoffs


This week, Strafe, Midtown Mo, Dr. J, Streetz, McFly, Ness & Joe Sargent discuss the following…

  • How Lebron’s legacy will be affected if the Heat don’t ¬†win the title this year (1:00)
  • Midtown Mo’s uber-confidence that the Heat will beat the Spurs (15:45) and how he feels the Heat are “underrated”
  • Mo & Ness attempt to defend Dwyane Wade for elbowing Lance Stephenson in the back of the head (22:23)
  • A heated debate about the top point guards in the league, and why John Wall isn’t one of them (according to everyone ¬†except Ness & Dr. J) (37:30)
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This Is It: 5.21.13: A Post-Mortem For The New York Knicks



Vlad Jones-McFly and I got on the jack right after the Knicks lost Game 6 Saturday night and discussed what went wrong and where does the franchise go from here. Cousin D & Streetz chimed in later with their thoughts.

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This Is It | 5.15.13: Bah, Humbug



The Knicks are up against the brink. Why? Streetz, Vlad-Jones McFly and I spend a half-hour trying to figure this out.

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