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This It Is | S7 E28: Redoing The 2006 NFL Draft

William H. Strafe, Cousin D and Ali redo the first 12 picks of the the infamous 2006 NFL Draft, making selections based on what everyone knows about the players now and what the teams needed at the time.  Does Mario Williams go No. 1 again?  How far does Reggie Bush fall? Which original 4th round pick jumps into their top 5?

This Is It Podcast: The DEFINITIVE 2015 NFL Season Preview: NFC (Part 2)


In Part 2, we preview the NFC West, then predict the NFC playoffs and Super Bowl 50 (30:00 mark), with some Seahawks-Niners hate thrown in. Posse: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Ali w/ guests @BlackBruceWayne (Giants), @DrJayJack (49ers) & @iamBobCanada (Seahawks).

This Is It: NFL Free Agency Frenzy


William H. Strafe, Cousin D & Ali McFly discuss the Eagles’ moves, if the Lions “trading” Ndamukong Suh for Haloti Ngata was wise (7:55), the Seahawks-Saints trade (11:10), which AFC East team can dethrone the Pats (37:15), is this the end of the 49ers (41:08) & what’ll Dallas do about DeMarco Murray (47:00).  Also, Cousin D shares an interesting Spades argument story (27:40).

This Is It: Evaluation Season Has Returned


In Part 2 of the Birthday Extravaganza, William H. Strafe and NY socialite/actor/Arizona Cardinals fan J. Mikey discuss bandwagon Seahawks fans (6:49 mark), will Jameis Winston be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft (14:45) and make predictions for the big five awards on Oscar night (19:33).

The DEFINITIVE seveneighteen 2014 NFL Preview, Part 2: The NFC


Yesterday, we previewed the AFC. In today’s podcast, Strafe, Mo, Cousin D and McFly preview the NFC and make playoff predictions.

This Is It | 10.9.13: Romo Being Romo (And The Falcons Stink)


Strafe, Cousin D, Dr. J. Joe Sargent & Midtown Mo discuss if Tony Romo gets a bad rap (and if they would take Matt Schaub over him),  who will beat the Broncos first and recap their NFL predictions at the quarter-season mark. They also give a Hater’s Call to Falcons fan Carson after the Jets’ surprising win in Atlanta.

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00:00 –  Is the Tony Romo criticism fair?
11:00 –  Tony Romo vs. Matt Schaub and the Super Bowl effect on a QB
22:20 –  Who beats the Broncos first?
27:37 – The Atlanta Falcons are in trouble
35:45 – Hater’s Call: Carson (Falcons)
52:00 – Reviewing our NFL preseason predictions after the quarter mark


This Is It | 9.25.13: The Steelers Stink (and The Rest of NFL Week 3)

Bears Steelers Football.JPEG-06b84

Dr. J. rants about his 1-2 49ers, then we make the longest #HatersCall in This Is It history to UntilIGetMarried.com’s @jozenc after his Steelers fell to 0-3 after giving up 40 points at home to the Bears. We also discuss the NFC East being the Cowboys’ division to lose and Sweet Pea going upside Jacoby Jones’ head.

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This Is It | 9.18.13: Canelo & The 49ers Can’t Win For Losing

William H. Strafe, Streetz and Joe Sargent dial up @BrieVanessa for the Hater’s Call after her 49ers got drummed in Seattle. They also discuss how anyone could have given Canelo Alvarez four rounds and who’s the next punching bag for Floyd Mayweather to fight, and Midtown Mo makes a last-minute appearance.

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This Is It | 9.11.13: David Wilson Just Fumbled Again! (and NFL Week 1 Recap)

William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo give the first Hater’s Call of the 2013 NFL season to Streetz after his Giants commit six turnovers against Dallas in Week 1. They also discuss David Wilson’s fumbling (and his angry tweet about it), the rest of Week 1 in the NFL and the upcoming Mayweather-Canelo fight.

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This Is It | 2.6.13: I’m Going To Disney World!


On this week’s show:

  • An audio history of Baltimore’s recent playoff failures (2008, 2009, 2011) and their road to the championship
  • An oral history of the Baltimore Ravens between their two Super Bowl wins by @WilliamHStrafe (read: Can I talk my sh!t again?!?) (6:00)
  • Strafe, @streetztalk, @315Ness & @MrGetItOnJones discuss momentum and if it really exists after the Super Bowl blackout (15:30)
  • @DrJayJack is gracious enough to accept the Hater’s Call after his 49ers came up short (25:20)
  • Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? Can you mention him in the same breath as the top guys? (41:00)
  • Why do certain guys (i.e., Chris Carter) get into the Hall of Fame before others (i.e., Charles Haley)? (58:35)
  • Strafe reads his Dumb Tweet of the Week (1:02:03)
  • Why seveneighteen stopped talking about the Los Angeles Purple & Gold Ribbon All-Stars (1:02:30)

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