Five Questions | S1 E17: Peace Up, A-Town DOWN (or, Reviewing Super Bowl LI)

Falcons fans Carson Gardner and D-Palm return to the show, along with Patriots fan Candice Clawson to talk with Shawn Hardie about Super Bowl LI. After the Falcons fans share their thoughts about the game as they saw it (4:50 mark), they all discuss if the game was a comeback or a collapse (19:24), why no Falcons lead is ever safe in any game (26:45) , if this the end of Rob Gronkowski as a Patriot (35:35) and each team’s chances to play in Super Bowl LII (50:00).

Five Questions | S1 E16: Previewing Super Bowl LI

Shawn Hardie is joined by Falcons fans Carson Gardner and D-Palm and Patriots fans Candice Clawson and Rahel Ayalew to preview Super Bowl LI. After stating why their side will win (3:10 mark), they discuss where a Falcons win would rank in the history of Atlanta (14:00), the possible levels of pettiness Kraft, Brady and Belichick could exhibit if Roger Goodell has to hand them the trophy (19:55), how much blame Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan gets if they lose because he was for interviewing for the 49ers job (22:50), if the Patriots “association” with the 45th President will create a curse (29:30) and Eli Manning giving Matty Ice tips on how to beat the Pats (42:25). Finally, D-Palm explains why he’s done with the Braves for moving to Cobb County (44:05) before everyone gives a score prediction (48:25).

Five Questions | S1 E01: The DEFINITIVE 2016 NFL Season Preview

2016 nfl

Shawn Hardie previews the 2016 NFL season with Midtown Mo (Seahawks fan), Cousin D (Cowboys), Ali (Giants) and Cousin Zane (Lions). They discuss who will be the worst team in the league (4:30 mark), which crappy teams will bounce back (12:40), which 10+ win teams will wet the bed (22:50), who makes the playoffs (32:00) and who wins Super Bowl LI (43:35).