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This Is It: A Deflating Super Bowl Preview


Vlad Jones-McFly, Midtown Mo & William H. Strafe discuss #Deflategate. Mo recaps being at the NFC title game (5:33 mark). They discuss some of the worst “Name on the Trophy” losses (25:45) & give their Super Bowl picks (43:01).


This Is It | 2.6.13: I’m Going To Disney World!


On this week’s show:

  • An audio history of Baltimore’s recent playoff failures (2008, 2009, 2011) and their road to the championship
  • An oral history of the Baltimore Ravens between their two Super Bowl wins by @WilliamHStrafe (read: Can I talk my sh!t again?!?) (6:00)
  • Strafe, @streetztalk, @315Ness & @MrGetItOnJones discuss momentum and if it really exists after the Super Bowl blackout (15:30)
  • @DrJayJack is gracious enough to accept the Hater’s Call after his 49ers came up short (25:20)
  • Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback? Can you mention him in the same breath as the top guys? (41:00)
  • Why do certain guys (i.e., Chris Carter) get into the Hall of Fame before others (i.e., Charles Haley)? (58:35)
  • Strafe reads his Dumb Tweet of the Week (1:02:03)
  • Why seveneighteen stopped talking about the Los Angeles Purple & Gold Ribbon All-Stars (1:02:30)

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Super Bowl XLVII Picks From The “Non-Experts” (Read: You)


By now, every “expert” on every three-, four- and five-letter network has given their “expert” opinion about who will win the Super Bowl and why.

But what about you? You’re just as much of an expert as anyone else, right?

We reached out a number of you and asked three simple questions:

  1. Who will win?
  2. What will the score be?
  3. Who will be the MVP?

Your answers are below. Thanks for participating, and enjoy the game.

PS: I’m picking the Ravens, 27-21. MVP? Joe Flacco




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Ray Lewis

Anquan Boldin

Frank Gore




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Ray Lewis

Joe Flacco

Ray Lewis




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Anquan Boldin

Ray Lewis

Joe Flacco




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Colin Kaepernick

Ray Lewis

Michael Crabtree




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Frank Gore

Frank Gore

Ray Lewis

This Is It | 1.30.12: Super Bowl Preview


On this week’s show,  William H. Strafe is joined by StreetzDr. JNess, Midtown Mo & Nate (from Japan!) to discuss…

  • Who wins Super Bowl XLVII? Who’s the MVP? Final Score? (1:00 mark)
  • Is Ray Lewis juicing? Do we even care? What the hell is deer antler spray? (6:00)
  • How to bet the Super Bowl & the best prop bets to make (19:30)
  • The Rajon Rondo injury and how it affects the Eastern Conference playoff race (29:00)

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Five Reasons Why The Ravens Will Win Super Bowl XLVII

The Ravens beat the 49ers in their previous meeting, 16-6, in Baltimore on Thanksgiving night 2011.

The Ravens beat the 49ers in their previous meeting, 16-6, in Baltimore on Thanksgiving night 2011.

(Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Dr. J of SingleBlackMale.net gave his reasons why his 49ers would win Super Bowl XLVII. Now, William H. Strafe will attempt to bring you all back to reality.)

By William H. Strafe

Before last year’s AFC Championship game, I wrote five reasons why the Ravens would beat the Patriots. Those who disagreed with me took to all forms of social media to deem my reasons as tomfoolery. Of course, I knew better. And my feelings about the game were nearly vindicated…

… until this and this happened.

This year, I refrained from writing such a post before this year’s AFC title game, mainly because it was unnecessary (evidenced by the amount of trash talk – or lack thereof – by my Patriot-loving friends this year).

Besides, I knew I’d have to put something together for the game after that. #takethattakethat

The Baltimore Ravens are a 3.5-point underdog against the San Francisco 49ers. As is the case in any Ravens playoff game, always take the points. But if you’re feeling ballsy, here’s five reasons why they will win the game outright.

1. The San Francisco 49ers are as tough and physical as any team in the NFL… just like the Baltimore Ravens.
Every time the 49ers have played one of these high-octane offenses in the NFL (Patriots, Packers, etc.) I pick the 49ers, because they have the formula to beat these teams: be physical and punch them in the mouth. The only teams that give them serious trouble are teams that will punch them right back (see: Seattle, St. Louis (a Jeff Fisher-coached team will do that to you) New York Giants).
The Ravens love to punch teams in the face, 15-yard penalty or not. Don’t believe me? Ask Stevan Ridley.

2. Ed Reed
At this point in his career, Ed Reed is playing centerfield. A deep centerfield at that. As in, bottom-of-the-9th, Pujols-is-up-don’t-let-the-ball-go-over-your-head deep centerfield. The emergence of Colin Kaepernick is key for the 49ers because the pistol offense draws defenses in, setting up the deep pass. Ed Reed will respond in one of two ways:

a) “Yeah, keep that running shit up. I’m good back here. Cause I know you’re gonna wanna take a shot deep. And when you do… I’ll be here. Go ahead. I dare you.”

b) “Yeah, I’ll take two steps toward the line… just enough steps to think you can get the ball to Crabacake over there, or whatever his name is. Now I know you’re gonna throw deep over there. And I’ve started moving back before you snapped the ball. This should be an easy pick. Ha! Rookie.”

3. The 49ers’ front seven is awesome… or at least it was in November.
All-Pro defensive end Justin Smith hasn’t been the same since a shoulder injury in their win against the Patriots in November. The Niners have garnered all of two sacks in the playoffs. Much of the 49ers success is based on bringing pressure with only four guys, which is key because their secondary isn’t anything to write home about. In Denver, Torrey Smith had his way with Champ Bailey in one-on-one coverage… and Champ Bailey is better than anyone in the 49ers backfield right now.

Either Smith or Anquan Boldin could have a field day if the 49ers pass rush isn’t effective, which is possible because…

4. The Ravens’ offensive line is playing lights out.
The Denver Broncos led the NFL in sacks this season with 52. In the AFC divisional playoff game, Joe Flacco was sacked only once – at the 11:15 mark of overtime, to boot – thanks to an offensive line that hadn’t played together until Week 17. Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s decision to move Michael Oher from left tackle to right tackle and Bryant McKinnie from left bench to left tackle has paid huge dividends. If they can keep up their stellar play, we might be seeing a lot of Joe Flacco passing down the field and hey diddle diddle, Ray Rice up the middle.

5. David Akers is the 49ers kicker. He stinks.
Let’s go back to earlier in this post, when I shared a link to a kicker missing a 32-yard field goal. That missed kick ultimately cost that kicker his job. He was unemployed since early October… until the 49ers actually signed that kicker during the playoffs in hopes it would motivate Akers to perform better!

Ten of the fifteen Super Bowls this century have been decided by a touchdown or fewer, while two others saw a lead of seven points or less after three quarters. You can’t afford to leave points on the table in playoff games, which is exactly what Akers did in the NFC Championship game against Atlanta. Luckily for him, the 49ers were able to overcome it. They may not be so lucky this time.

I won’t be as brash to “book” a Ravens’ victory like my brother Dr. J, but that 6.5-point line is way too high for a team that just won at Denver and at New England.

Ravens 27, Niners 21.

Five Reasons Why The 49ers Will Win Super Bowl XLVII


(Editor’s Note: Tomorrow, William H. Strafe will give his reasons why the Ravens will beat the 49ers on Sunday. But for now, he yields the floor to Dr. J, a devoted 49ers fan.)

By Dr. J

(Preface: I am a devoted Niners fan. I am completely biased, I think our poo poo smells like Pledge and fried chicken. These are my thoughts, I sleep through the night.)

I have labored through this…Caption: Giants beat Niners and end the chance at the three-peat.

Giants beat the Niners and end the chance at the three-peat

and this…1993 NFC Divisional Playoffs: New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers

The Niners turns the lights out on Lawrence Taylor’s career in a 44-3 divisional playoff game

then this…Steve Young concussion

The saddest day of all time in 49ers history

And then there was this…The 1998 – 2010 San Francisco Seasons in order.

The 1998 – 2010 San Francisco Seasons in order

Then alas…628x471

Our Ambassador of Quan

Nonetheless, it’s a good time to be a Niners fan. I know these parts are dominated by the resident Ravens fan, but today I thought I’d give you guys five reasons why the Niners are going to beat the Ravens.

Apparently, “They just are” isn’t an adequate response.

1.       Alex Smith can’t screw it up. In the summer of 2005, I sat and waited what the 49ers would do with the first pick in the NFL Draft. I watched all the analysis that I could watch, I read every story that I could read, I knew that the Niners needed a QB, and they needed one bad. In a matter of a month what looked like a two man race for the first pick in the draft between Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith, turned into an anointing session for a QB who couldn’t complete a 35 yard pass in the air at the combine. The Niners selected Alex and that guy, who may or may not have been given a fair shake, basically put the Niners into mediocrity for six years. In his defense, Alex did a good job being the starter last year and for the time he was in the position this year, but we always knew that our biggest liability was our QB. He was simply a game manager. Sadly enough, game managers rarely win Super Bowls. Simply managing the game by throwing the ball away and taking the sack over a turnover is not the way championships are won. Therefore, good riddance, Alex Smith, we have our man now, you can play first-string clipboard.

2.       The 49ers are undefeated in the Super Bowl, all-time. This is an important fact. The only reason why it’s so important to note is because there are only five teams who possess that distinction and only one has done it FIVE times. I don’t know about you, but when you go to five Super Bowls and come home with five Lombardi trophies, you get some respect in my book. Nobody turns it up like the Niners in the Super Bowl. A great fan base, always excellent preparation, and always a great performance. This will be no different.

3.       This isn’t the same 49ers offense from a year ago. That’s definitely not the same Ravens defense. It’s not the Pistol offense, it’s the most prolific offense in the NFL right now! I told someone to explain to me how the Ravens could beat the 49ers in a few sentences… 25 minutes later he was still talking. The Niners have won their last SEVEN games with a different offensive strategy in each game. They’re running, they’re passing, it’s Colin, it’s Frank, it’s Vernon, it’s Crabtree – listen, you just can’t call it.
Now about this Ravens defense… they used to be the most dominant force in the NFL, now they’re struggling to stay in the middle of the pack. This defense has faced two mobile QBs all season; they lost both games. Ray Lewis is a Hall-of-Fame LB, but if you’ve ever watched him and his defense play, you know that they are a blitz-heavy defense. And we all know… the read option against a blitz-heavy defense is like kryptonite to Superman.

4.       Sooner or later, Flacco will return to being Flacco. Joey has played amazing in these playoffs, but we’ve seen him do this before and we know that sooner or later, he comes back to Earth and starts acting like the player he really is. It’s not to say that Flacco is not a good, above average QB, but we know that he’s had his fair share of bad games that remind us that he’s fallible. We know that the Ravens will try and get a heavy dose of Ray Rice early on to open up opportunities in the passing game. The Niners will not allow Ray to run over them – that just never happens. That means that Flacco will have to pass, and he’s been passing on average about 35 times a game. If anyone is dumb enough to think that Flacco is going to throw the ball against that defense 35 times and not throw a pick or two, they should be taken out back and shot.

5.       San Franciscan Exceptionalism. Let’s be honest, from a city to city standpoint, Baltimore freaking stinks. (It actually does stink.) People who grow up there, leave there and rarely ever come back. There is nothing great about the city of Baltimore except they have the greatest baseball venue in the game right now. San Francisco is a special place, and when it’s time to perform, San Francisco has always stepped up and performed. There is no city more kick-ass than a city that boasts the largest gay population, converts Jews to Atheists, Asians to Caucasians, and minorities to Oakland. No city is more kick-ass. It is only right that the superior city and team win. In fact, it was once said of San Francisco:

The position of the San Franciscans is therefore quite exceptional, and it may be believed that no other people will ever be placed in a similar one. Their passions, their wants, their education, and everything about them seem to unite in drawing the native of the United States earthward; their religion alone bids them turn, from time to time, a transient and distracted glance to heaven. Let us cease, then, to view all other states under the example of the San Franciscan people.

Niners, 35-13. Book it.

Dr. J, a native of Washington DC, writes for Single Black Male, among other blogs. In the irony of ironies, his favorite baseball team is the Baltimore Orioles, who play across the street from M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Ravens