This Is It | 6.19.13: One Free Throw Away


After an epic Game 6 of the NBA Finals, we get on the jack to discuss…

  • @MidtownMo‘s all-day whining about “trolling”  and dealing with fans that want you to love their team all the time 
  • Who gets the credit for the Heat win… or the blame for the Spurs loss (@StreetzTalk tries to place blame on one particular Argentinian) (8:25 mark)
  •  What would happen to LeBron if the Heat lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals at home (14:15)
  • If the best team always wins in a seven-game series (case in point: Orlando vs. Cleveland in the 2009 East Finals) (21:25)
  • More slander for @MidtownMo, including his grouping the Knicks & Lakers fans into one “united front” (32:00)
  • If LeBron will wear a headband for Game 7, and when it’s time to tell your friend to accept his male-pattern baldness (39:24)
  • Predictions for Game 7 (44:55)

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This Is It | 6.3.13: Nobody EVER Says Heat In 7…EVER


After the Heat beat the Pacers to win the Eastern Conference, Strafe & McFly call Midtown Mo to discuss unrealistic expectations from Heat “fans,” the bet he made with Strafe and predictions for the upcoming NBA Finals against the Spurs.

(Apologies for the first two minutes, we had the AC running.)

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