Five Questions Episode 40: The DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL Preview

seveneighteen‘s Shawn Hardie (Ravens fan) is joined by Cousin D (Cowboys), Midtown Mo & Option A or B host Chris Canada (Seahawks) and community advocate Landon Dais (Jets) for the DEFINITIVE 2017 NFL preview. They discuss who will be the worst team in the NFL, which team with a losing record in 2016 can make the playoffs in 2017 (7:45 mark), which playoff team in 2016 can have a losing record in 2017 (17:10), who makes the playoffs (27:10) and who wins the conference title games and Super Bowl LII (42:20). They also discuss which current NFL coach (besides Bill Belichick) could replace their head coach (52:10)  and discuss some interesting player gambling props (1:01:45).

Five Questions | S1 E01: The DEFINITIVE 2016 NFL Season Preview

2016 nfl

Shawn Hardie previews the 2016 NFL season with Midtown Mo (Seahawks fan), Cousin D (Cowboys), Ali (Giants) and Cousin Zane (Lions). They discuss who will be the worst team in the league (4:30 mark), which crappy teams will bounce back (12:40), which 10+ win teams will wet the bed (22:50), who makes the playoffs (32:00) and who wins Super Bowl LI (43:35).

This Is It | S7 E14: 2015 NFL Playoffs Preview


After comparing their own Johnny Football-like experiences (1:30 mark), Strafe, Cousin D & Midtown Mo make their AFC (12:30) & NFC (41:45) playoff predictions & who will win Super Bowl 50 (1:12:00). One of us believes that the NFC title game will be played in Washington (!!!), one of us believes that a Super Bowl victory will be one old cowboy’s last hurrah, and one of us believes Donald Trump’s America will watch the Lombardi trophy presentation in absolute disgust.

This Is It Podcast: The DEFINITIVE 2015 NFL Season Preview: NFC (Part 1)



The fellas preview the NFC North (2:20 mark), South (20:15) & East (36:35), along with a spot on impersonation of Cowboys fan Cousin D. Posse: Strafe, Midtown Mo, Ali w/ guest @BlackBruceWayne (Giants).

The DEFINITIVE seveneighteen 2014 NFL Preview, Part 2: The NFC


Yesterday, we previewed the AFC. In today’s podcast, Strafe, Mo, Cousin D and McFly preview the NFC and make playoff predictions.

This Is It | 9.18.13: Canelo & The 49ers Can’t Win For Losing

William H. Strafe, Streetz and Joe Sargent dial up @BrieVanessa for the Hater’s Call after her 49ers got drummed in Seattle. They also discuss how anyone could have given Canelo Alvarez four rounds and who’s the next punching bag for Floyd Mayweather to fight, and Midtown Mo makes a last-minute appearance.


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This Is It | 1.10.12: RG Knee & Honey Nut Cheerios

rg3 knee

On this week’s show, @WilliamHStrafe, @streetztalk & @DrJayJack discuss the following…

  • RG3’s left knee (1:00)
  • The Redskins’ season with @BrazenlyVirile for the Hater’s Call (14:20)
  • The upcoming NFL divisional playoff matchups (32:20)
  • How the Ravens  – rationally – can actually beat the Broncos (35:10)
  • @streetztalk says he’d bet $5,000 that the Falcons will lose (38:30)
  • KG vs. Melo  (48:00)
  • @DrJayJack’s slumping Lakers (1:01:30)

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This Is It | 1.03.13: NFL Playoff Preview


@WilliamHStrafe, @MidtownMo, @315Ness and @DrJayJack make their NFL playoff predictions, discuss Ray Lewis’ retirement announcement and who will win NFL Rookie of the Year.

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This Is It | 12.11.12: You Got Knocked The **** Out!


@WilliamHStrafe, @MidtownMo, @streetztalk and @DrJayJack discuss the Ravens firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and the proposal to eliminate kickoffs in football. @JMikey gets the Hater’s Call after his Cardinals lose 58-0 to Seattle. They also discuss the Pacquiao-Marquez fight and the upcoming Knicks-Nets game on Tuesday.

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This Is It | 12.5.12: It Could Be Worse… Your Team Could Be Called The Pelicans

eli manning face

William H. Strafe is joined by Streetz & Dr. Jay to discuss the Ravens, Giants and 49ers all wetting the bed on Sunday, the New Orleans Hornets possibly changing their name to the Pelicans. Plus, Dr. Jay goes off on Mike D’Antoni.

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