/Strafe’s NFL Picks for Week 4

Strafe’s NFL Picks for Week 4


Bad news: Another losing record for me last week at 7-9.
Good news: I was 3-13 the week before. Nowhere to go but up!

Because it’s Sunday morning, analysis will be limited. Besides, I need to give @KanTheWord as much time as possible to rip my picks to shreds.

Here are the Week 4 picks (Home team in CAPS):

ST. LOUIS (+3.5) over San Francisco (Whoops!)
Baltimore (+3.5) over BUFFALO
Indianapolis (-7.5) over JACKSONVILLE (Although this REEKS of letdown game for Indy.)
HOUSTON (+2.5) over Seattle (UPSET SPECIAL: Houston 24, Seattle 21)
Cincinnati (-4.5) over CLEVELAND (It’s still Brian Hoyer, people.)
DETROIT (-2.5) over Chicago
Pittsburgh (-1.5) over Minnesota (in London. Matt Cassel vs. a Dick LeBeau defense? Sheeeeeet.)
Arizona (+2.5) over TAMPA BAY
KANSAS CITY (-4.5) over NY Giants
TENNESSEE (-3.5) over NY Jets (LOCK OF THE WEEK: The “Happy To Be 2-1” Jets fan can be quiet.)
OAKLAND (+2.5) over Washington
Philadelphia (+10.5) over DENVER (UNDERDOG SPECIAL: Philly gets the back door cover.)
Dallas (-1.5) over SAN DIEGO
ATLANTA (-1.5) over New England
NEW ORLEANS (-6.5) over Miami (BTW, I was DEAD wrong about Ryan Tannehill*.)

Last Week: 7-9
This Season: 17-31

* – Before, during and after the 2012 NFL Draft, I was convinced that Ryan Tannehill would be the worst quarterback in the league (he was a converted WR at Texas A&M who had 20 starts in college). McFly, correctly, said it would be Blaine Gabbert.